Monday, April 30, 2012


We were so lucky this Easter to have Grandma Nancy, Grandpa Brent, Aunt Suise and Uncle Eric come for the weekend! Of coarse we had to take them on our favorite hike here in Grand Junction, Devils kitchen. Here is a picture of our little sherpa Sofie and Aunt Susie who ran ahead of us and climbed up to this cave and suprised us all when we came around the corner.

Taking the easy way home.... with Grandpa Brent

Grandma Nancy getting the camera ready

When we got back from the hike we had a fun Easter egg hunt planned with our friends the Ross's. Here is Sofie and Tilly with all their loot.

Me, Sarah, and Anna- the brains behind the operation

All the little egg hunters.

Easter day- all in our matching Easter outfits. I actually have never done this on Easter before, gotten matching outfits that is. So I had to make sure and get a picture.

A fun family photo

The little rascals with their mouths full of Easter candy

Of coarse Sofie was so excited for the Easter bunny she woke up on at like 4:30 seeing if the Easter bunny had come. She was also sleeping in the same room as Grandma and so early in the morning Grandma thought she heard a mouse in the room crinkling paper. When she looked it was Sofie who had gone down and gotten her basket and was wasting no time breaking into the candy. So grandma was just hoping she would stay quiet enough to not wake up Luke who was also sleeping in the room. But Sofie just couldn't hold the excitement to herself and woke up Luke exclaiming, "Luke we got the Muppets!" Luke who has not taken the same excitement to the Easter bunny fell back asleep. So I went upstairs to see what all the comotion was and it was so cute, when I walked in the room Sofie looked at me and said "Mom, it's a miracle, we got the Muppets." So there you have it miracles do happen.

Just leaving you with this cool dude or rascal as his shirt says.

Girls trip

Girls trip!!! Something about having a couple days away from the kids and hubby and meeting up with girls, who totally get you and make life sooo fun, to make you feel totally rejuvenated! The first night we went to see hunger games.... Loved it!!!

The next day we shopped till we dropped. Which also included getting makeovers at bare essentials. Got some great tips on make-up and application!

The second day was a day of pampering. We booked a full schedule at the Aveda Salon getting full body massages, facials, pedicures and manicures! I actually got a little antsy being there that long. I am not used to just holding still letting others pamper me for that long! It was sooo relaxing I loved it!

And of coarse my favorite part was just catching up with some amazing ladies I have meet in life, Lori and Melanie. O.k. I think I can make it through another year after this!

Hike with an egg hunt

Well we have started on the Easter festivities a month early. We went on our favorite hike to devil's kitchen and had a fun little easter egg hunt.

Sofie workin' it.

Luke looks a little nervous that he might slide off.

Sofie took us on a "guided" tour (she told us to follow her b/c she knew a really cool place) it went through this little alley.



Spencer and his Brother Brandon for the second year in a row went on a guided snowboard/ ski trip to Silverton, Colorado.

Looks like a beautiful sunny day. Good thing they blast if for avalanches.

Spencer also brought two of his friends Beau Ross and Eric Barnhurst.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


A practice round for Easter.

One of Luke's most favorite things to do... blow bubbles. I wonder if that means he has Spencer's "long longs" as the Dr. once told him.

I love it when my kids play together, instead of fighting!!

This is Sofie's leprechaun trap. There is a tiny little door in Luke's room with a lock on it and we are convinced it's where leprechauns live so for 2 years we have tried to catch those little buggers. They get into Sofie's coins and they leave crumbs so we know they are around we just can't catch them!

A Peep s'more. Thanks pinterest. Luke couldn't wait to roast the mallow so he ate his in separate pieces.

What you look like after you eat a peep s'more.

Boy's will be boy's. He found the only dirt in the yard and spent forever playing and digging in it.

What was I saying about boys? hahaha Maybe I should say they will be boys until a girl talks them into doing something crazy... like painting your nails. I love how he held his hands for the picture and you can't even see the polish.

Cool dude.

A beautiful day for a hike.

A trip to Grandma and Grandpa's in Idaho. Here is Cousin Kelsi. We also go to meet our new little niece Clara. I am so sad I didn't even take a picture of her! 

We found a bald app on the iPhone and this picture of Luke just cracks me up!

We got to go to a University of Utah gymnastics meet with our cousins. Though Sofie loves gymnastics when I asked her is she liked seeing those girls do those cool tricks she said "Yes". Then when I asked if she wanted to do that sometime she said. "No, I still want to work at Disneyland when I grow up."

So I had seen the bottles of colored bubbles for a while and thought it sounded fun. Then when we were in Idaho Grandma got Luke a couple bottles. This is what colored bubbles do... they are a mess!!! I will never buy these colored bubbles again! They are washable but sooo messy!

Snowshoeing on the Mesa

Another beautiful day on the Mesa snowshoeing. Our little Sofie angel.

Love this picture.

Ribbit... a little snow frog.

I defiantly have the better end of the deal being the photographer! He likes the workout anyways, so an extra 70 lbs will do that.

Sofie thought the 7 dwarfs might have lived in these little cabins. So she would go up and knock on the door if she thought she saw dwarf foot prints, luckily no one was there!

Our favorite part.. Snack time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random February

Another hike to our favorite place Devil's kitchen. We will never forget this place and even if we wanted we couldn't since we have a ton of pictures here.

Favorite part of the hike, the snacks.
Apparently your drinks are a lot better if you drink them like this.
Another messy face. I am realizing as I type that I probably have more pictures of Luke with food all over his face than a clean face. But that's probably a correct depiction of how life with fun little Luke is.
I knew big headbands were in but didn't know bubble headbands were.
We should submit this photo for a Chuck-E-Cheese commercial. Is this girl loving it or what?
Another piece of art work by our little Picasso Sofie. The cute thing is she named the piece "Lukey" of coarse after Luke. I was so excited and surprised it wasn't named after a princess!
Hair gone wild! This really makes me think he needs a hair cut!