Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sofie's loving her 1st dance class

Luke's little personality is starting to come out. He has so many funny faces that he makes, these are the ones I caught on camera.

So Spencer and 4 other Orthodontic residents have officially started a cycling team. They actually got some sponsors and were able to purchase this fine outerwear, which they got to design themselves :). They look pretty fast don't they.

We blessed Luke January 3rd, 2010

You know how you think you got a good picture and then you see it on a screen other than your tiny camera screen and turns out the picture wasn't as good as you thought. Well that's what happened with this picture of Luke in his blessing outfit. This was the best I got. It was such a cute outfit though- Thanks to my friend Lexi for loaning it to us. (I think he looks like a little Joseph Smith)

An Orthodontist's worst night mare- a thumb sucker :)- Seriously Luke loves sucking on his hands but when he gets just the thumb in there it's like he's in heaven!!

So I finally made book from my blog- it was so easy. I was surfing blogs one day when I saw a post that someone had done it with their blog and how to do it so I tried it and was totally pleased with how easy it was and how good it turned out. So it's called It's totally free to download the software to do it. I just watched like a 5 min video on how to "slurp" your blog to a book and walla here it is. All I had to pay including shipping (and I opted for the nicer cover and the premium paper (hoping this lasts for a long time) ) was $40. FYI though for anyone doing this I did do the cheapest size book 7x7 mostly because I wanted the square book but I will for sure do a bigger book next time because some of the pictures are so small you can hardly see them and then you can't put much writing on a page.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

These faces say it all. Our pre Christmas festivities with the Johnsons at the Great Wolf Lodge were too much for words- it was a blast.

Don't worry Luke was here too just sleeping on the sidelines. (Loving the post baby legs- sometimes the truth hurts.)

Sofie wasn't even scared of Santa this year and Luke didn't mind either. It was pretty cute when Santa asked what Sofie wanted she had obviously been practicing in her head because the list just came out so fast and fluently.

They all got new PJ's to wear to Story time that evening. They had mechanical animals and other things singing and then it even snowed after the Christmas carols were over.

Our Gingerbread house.

I had been wondering what it was going to be like without snow at Christmas when suddenly on Christmas eve day it snowed 14+ inches- more the Oklahoma City had ever had in one snowfall. They declared a state of Emergency- it was so crazy and fun at the same time. So our Friends the Gomez's invited us over for Christmas eve festivities. Unlike other people in OK we were not afraid to brave the weather (plus they lived like a mile from us :) so we ventured out and got stuck in their driveway. It was worth all the digging out though when we got to spend the night doing fondue and rock band.

Christmas morning. I don't know who was more excited for Christmas morning- me or Sofie. This was the first year that Sofie was really excited about Santa, so I was there ready with the camera to catch her face the minute she woke up. Acutally, we had to go and wake her up at 9:00 because I couldn't stand the anticipation any longer.

Isn't it always funny how the littlest most least expensive thing is usually their favorite at this age. This was a stuffed Prince Naveen frog that was in her stocking that she hasn't put down since Christmas.

Luke's favorite gift- the Bumbo. One of my favorite Christmas things was that Luke was so smiley and chatty on Christmas- the most he had ever been. Maybe he could sense the excitement in the air. Isn't he so strong that he can already sit in this chair and hold his head up and not fall over at 2 months (or am I just being a overly proud parent?)

So the majority of the day (at least for Spencer and Sofie) was spent in the Snow. Then night before Spencer built up a bunch of snow and then on Christmas made this really sweet snow cave.
It was so big. I am not even exaggerating when I say it fit three of us with room to spare. It was so fun. Sofie took her dolls she got for Christmas and played in there all afternoon. She had it broken up into rooms- a bedroom, playroom and a kitchen.- The basics every house needs :)

We even got to go sledding.

Snowman #1 and then . . . .

Snowman #2. I Think Spencer had more fun playing in the snow than Sofie. I could barley get him to come in to go to a friends for dinner.

Sofie wanted to the Princess and the Frog dolls to go with all the other dolls she got last year for Christmas. She now has so many dolls it's like a land mine around here. Dolls everywhere and they are painful if you step on one. But there hasn't been a day gone by that she hasn't spent hours playing with these things they are the best.

Spencer turned 31 over the break. I had been planning this huge Birthday surprise for a couple of weeks. I had made appointments for a couples massage and then when we showed up the place was closed. Then we went to get the IMAX avatar tickets hours ahead of time and they were sold out. Then I had to stall when the massage place was closed because I had invited a bunch of Spencer's friends from School to Texas Roadhouse for a dinner surprise. So luckily one of my surprises worked out and we had a fun dinner with our friends.

We did end up going to the 3D (not on Imax) avatar and it was pretty sweet. Spencer even said he thought it was one of the best movies he had ever seen.

My sister sent us this fun activity to do rice crispy trains. So Sofie had a slumber party with her good friends Emma and Aiden and we broke this cute thing out.

So just to capture this fun and crazy age Sofie is at I leave you with pictures of Sofie's goldie locks I found on the floor just before Christmas. I was sooo sad and mad at the same time. I have always thought Sofie was too afraid of getting in trouble to do anything like this. It was just a eye opener. This was only one of the things that pushed my buttons a little too far over the break. The second I have to preface with saying that Sofie is VERY sensitive to discipline (exactly why I never thought she would cut here hair) and she has lately been reverting a little and having accidents (I mean wetting her pants) during the day- it's funny that most of the time it's been when she is at other people's house. Anyways, I had been up a lot with Luke one night so the next morning I turned on cartoons and laid down on the couch. I had fallen asleep when I heard Sofie crying in the bathroom. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to see what was wrong when I stepped into about an inch of toilet water. Sofie- in fear of getting in trouble was trying to flush her pull up down the toilet- then trying to hide the evidence had tried to clean it up with a wet wash cloth when she realized me finding out was inevitable and just started crying. I didn't even know what to do at that point- do I get put her in time out when she was doing it not to get into trouble or do I just start cleaning it up. I mean there are some days you just can't win.
On the lighter side of things I realized the other day how much of my life lately is spent in imaginative play with Sofie when Sofie asked me a question, and then after I answered Sofie said "Why are you talking like that and not like mom right now." I apparently answered her in a Deigo voice- which I had been playing earlier that day. I said well aren't I Diego and she said "Not anymore mom you haven't been Diego for a while." But Seriously I have to talk like so many characters throughout the day I can't keep myself straight sometimes and to come up with so many different voices is really a challenge- and Sofie will be less than pleased if it doesn't sound right. Another funny voice I have been asked to duplicate A LOT has been Tiana from Princess in the frog and I have found that spilling over into other conversations throughout the day even when I am just talking to Luke or in my head I find myself talking in a Black dialect. Never a dull moment when living with this 3 year old.