Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finally Snow!!!

It finally snowed here. Of coarse driving to work was a nightmare (no one here know how to drive in snow), but playing in it with Sofie was pretty fun. She had a lot of fun going sledding all by herself. (we got it on video I will try to post the video if I can figure it out.) We are really getting excited for a break and Christmas. Spencer has to take the part II boards this week so Sofie and I have been on a Spencer famine for the last couple of weeks. So the break will be extra nice with no school, work or worries :)

So I had a little bit of fun with Sofie's hair the other day. I tried to round brush it into a bob shape with a cute head band but her hair isn't really thick so it looked pretty funny and don't be fooled-the picture of her looking like I am hurting her is all an act- she's pretty dramatic and good at it!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Match day could not have come SOONER!!

So we got the big news and we are going to Oklahoma- we are going to be Sooners. From OSU to OU. It is a 30 month program so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 3 more years and we will finally be done with school!!! We are really excited that we are going to Oklahoma. We already have a couple of really good friends there and though it isn't really the West it is closer than Ohio. The other good news this week is that Ohio State is going to the National championship, so maybe our last year here we will be national champions :) Sofie is just cracking us up. I can't believe her learning curve. If only we could learn so much info in such a short time we would all be Guinness's. I wonder what happened- why we aren't like that when we get older. Well I am really loving the Christmas spirit here in our home. Spencer put up the usual patriotic red, white and blue Christmas lights outside. Sofie and I listen to Christmas music 24- 7. I just love Christmas music- it's the only time of year you can turn on the radio and the music is about Christ, joy, excitement, encouraging us to be good etc. I mean usually it's totally the opposite. I know that Christmas has become pretty commercialized but over all I think that there is still excitement, the spirit of giving and good cheer in the air a time when families get together and make memories. I think over all it makes for a great Birthday:) Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers to get into ortho we know there were a lot of people who helped us get in so thanks.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fall Family

Well I have gotten a little behind on my blog but these last couple of weeks have flown by with Spencer being gone to interviews and work. We are all so worn out and excited for them to be over. Sofie has been a little stinker lately. I think she has been missing her dad and she is getting four teeth in. Well Spencer has one interview left in Milwaukee Wisconsin, then we wait until Nov. 28th when we find out were we go.

It's pretty crazy that almost four years have gone bye. We went to possibly our last OSU football game last night, we lost :() and I remembered being at our first OSU football game thinking that four years was going to last forever and really it has gone bye really fast. It just makes me realize that it is important to enjoy life whatever the situation.

With thanksgiving approaching I have a lot to be thankful for especially the great friends and family we have. Thanks for all you do for us from a simple phone call or E-mail to your thoughtful cards and packages.


We sure had a fun Halloween this year. Sofie had a lot of fun wearing her Halloween costume so she wore it around all day. We had our own little Halloween party while Spencer was at school. We made pumpkin sugar cookies and carved a pumpkin. When Spencer got home we took Sofie around to a few of her friend's house to show off her cute chick outfit. It was so funny seeing her waddle around in the outfit.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

halloween 1

So I don't know all the blog rules but I thought I would make it a little more festive. I just didn't want anyone confused. Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sofie is trying to get in touch with her Idaho roots. She found this hat in the closet and wore it all morning. The second picture is her shoutn' a ol' western "howdy".
Well the interviewing has begun. Spencer was at Colorado this weekend and is currently in St. Louis. The unknown is always scary and I am sad to think of having to leave all our great friends and memories we have made here in Columbus. Who knows maybe we will stay here, even though most of our friends will be gone. But hopefully it turns out to be a fun new and exciting experience whatever happens. I have been having fun with Sofie while Spencer has been gone. She is really turning into a little toddler. I wish I could just video tape her 24 hours a day and send it to everyone. I am just sad that family is missing out on her growing and changing so fast. Well we miss everyone. Drop us a note or a call--

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sofie's 1st birthday

I can't believe how fast the year has gone bye. Sofie had her 1st birthday last week. Friends and family gave her some real great stuff that has spiced up her play life. We had a picnic at the park with some friends to celebrate. We had a pinata and she did get some birthday cake (of coarse it was carrot cake:))

She had her 1 year appointment today. She was a hair under 18 lbs. That put her in the 10th percentile for her weight which was up from the 5th % she was in last visit. The doctor was impressed with her saying words already and with how good she is walking she said "I don't know if you know this but your baby is really advanced" (I'm sure I had nothing to do with this but it made me feel good:)- of coarse Spencer was really glad to hear it too.) Right now she can say ball, baby, hi, no, boo and blanket.

Spencer is up to 6 ortho interviews now they are Oklahoma, OSU, Virginia, Colorado, Philidelphia, and St. Louis. How exciting! He also gets his braces off tommorrow which I am really excited about since I keep finding his elastics all over the house.

As for me no change really: Working, wifeing, mothering and maiding:)
I feel really blessed in life right now.

Monday, September 24, 2007

One crazy week (9/24/07)

Well I participated in my first triathlon on the 15th. I was supposed to sign up in the mountain biking group and signed up in the road biking group and didn't realize there was two separate groups until the race was over. So I was riding a mountain bike while everyone I was competing against was on a road bike. Also it was like 60 degrees outside when the race started so all things considered I think I did okay. I finished in the middle so I was glad I wasn't last.
Since living in Ohio we are driving distance from a lot of big U.S. cities. So while we are living here we have tried to hit most of the towns when Spencer has school off and I have work off. This last week we were able to visit Pittsburgh. It's a pretty cool city because it's built on a river and is the Steele capitol of the U.S (Steelers:)) so it's really industrious with lots of boats and trains.
Spencer was invited to two more interviews yesterday so he so far has interviews to Colorado, Oklahoma, and OSU. They have just starting inviting people to interviews so we will try to keep you posted as they come in.
Sofie turns one year old on Thursday. It's pretty amazing what kids can learn in one year. If what she is like now is any indication of her as a teenage we are in for a real treat. She is much like her dad--- busy body and very determined. Her favorite thing right now is baby signing time. I don't think she really watches to to learn how to sign (she can only do 2 signs) but she loves the music and the kids. She loves to dance and sing. Sometimes she gets a little out of control when she is dancing and ends up on the floor. She also loves to sing. She can say baby and sometimes she will sing baby, baby, baby etc for long drawn out periods. She loves to talk (in her own language) which has started to turn into shouting so in the middle of church it's not always so cute.
Well this is a quick update in a nut shell. I will try to post more news at it comes.