Sunday, August 29, 2010

A visit from my sisters

So many pictures, so much fun- where do I start? Well 2 of my little sisters Lisa and Emily (I have 7 sisters only 2 are older than me) came all the way from Tennessee to visit. It was a BLAST. We went to the zoo, had a girls night out, went swimming- A LOT, jogging, coloring, playing at the park, even Spencer and I even got to go on a date. The week just went by too fast.
Lisa had Noah 3 days before I had Luke so we have high hopes of them being best buddies.

Sofie still talks about "your sisters". Or says mom I miss Noah. She LOVED all the attention these guys gave her. Emily colored more here than she had her whole life put together.

One funny little story about Sofie. She is at the stage where she pretends to be older all the time so one day we were at the park and she had been talking up a storm to all the princesses on her Cinderella cell phone Grandma Jaylene had sent her, when she asked Spencer to hold it for a minute while she was playing. Spencer put the phone to his ear and pretended to be talking to the princesses. When Sofie got the phone back she put it to her ear and said "This is Sofie, sorry my dad was borrowing my phone."- Already apologizing to her friends for her embarrassing parents.

Photo booth at the zoo

We watched Spencer do a time trial. He has been a biking fool this month. I am going to have to follow this with a posts of just of his races.