Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving break

Well our Thanksgiving break started out with another fun visit with our friends the Frandsen's from Kansas City. We actually met them in Dallas and went to the Dallas world aquarium. I was hoping it was going to be something really cool since the admission is kind of steep- and I wasn't let down. It was made to look like a jungle and there were monkeys in the open trees with waterfalls and rivers filled with all sorts of fish and reptiles. They also had a glass tunnel with sharks.

Of coarse we did more fun things with the Frandsen's and had a great Thanksgiving dinner and I didn't take any pictures!!! One thing I did that I don't remember doing for a long time was going shopping on Black Friday. For so long I had thought that there was a few great deals that go when the doors open and that is really just a ploy to get people to come into their store while everything else is close to normal price. So for all these years I have not taken advantage of the Black Friday sales. We first went to Target and I felt like people were just throwing anything in their cart that had a sale sticker on it, so I made sure to tell myself to not become like that when the next thing I know we are at the Disney store and I am going buck wild with the princess paraphernalia- When I got home a realized all the things I got I was feeling a little sheepish. But over all I thought there really were some good deals.

I do want to say in the thanksgiving season how thankful I am for all my blessing. I truly feel like the Lord takes really good care os us by giving us so many really great friends and family- thank you everyone for your kindness to us!

Tagged again- I am just worried I might not have enough adult answers. Sometimes I feel like I've gotten so lost in the daily life tasks I've forgotten what I really like but we will give it a go
Crazy 8's tag
8 TV shows I Love: (even though I hardley ever watch TV- but when I do it's:)
1. The Office
2. I did like heros until like 3 weeks ago when I was just totally lost
3. Family Fued- as you will see I am a game show junkie
4. Deal or no Deal
5. Who wants to be a millionaire
6. Iron Chef
7. Untamed and uncut- (animal attacks caught on tape)
8. Any makeover shows

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. P.F. Changs
2. Elvaqero (even though it's only in Ohio :()
3. Olive Garden
4. I love chineese and I really like all those little whole in the wall places that seem to be owned by the same people- like the Great wall
5. City BBQ
6. Panera bread
7. Texas Road house
8. Mongolian BBQ

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. Ben and Michelle left :(
2. We put up our Christmas tree
3. Spencer put up the lights on the house
4. We watched the OU- Oklahoma State game
5. I got to talk to my good friend Lori on the phone, two sisters, and my mom
6. Did Laundry (I know exciting)
7. Took an hour and a 1/2 nap- Heavenly
8. Drove around some neighborhoods checking out the christmas lights

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Going home for Christmas!
2. One day getting a real paycheck
3. Finishing the Twilight series- I only have like 20 pages left
4. Sofie being potty trained
5. Sofie's face on Christmas morning
6. My hair being long again someday
7. Someday living close to family
8. Being back in the mountains

8 people I tag:
1. Lexie Sautter
2. Jen Olsen
3. Michelle Frandsen
4. Lori Luff
5. Melanie Lee- this is an effort to get you to post some pictures as well :)
6. Karen Berhmann
7. Kim Hansen
8. Kristi Gailey

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Warning long post!!!

The zoo had a fun thing called haunt the zoo where you can take your kids trick or treating and they have lots of characters dressed up giving out candy.

One of Spencer's brothers had a dental school interview here in Oklahoma so we decided to make it a party when two of Spencer's brothers and their girlfriends decided to come out over Halloween. Spencer is supposed to be Nacho Libre by the way and that is a real mustach by the way.

Don't they have the cutest girl friends. Yes I know the over used 80's look on Halloween.

It's kind of hard to tell but the skeleton pumpkin was Spencer and I's and Spencer put braces on the top teeth.

We took the bros' and their ho's (just thought it was a funny phrase) to go shoot clay pigeons when we met Jesse a guy with about 20 guns and wouldn't let us leave until we tried them out. I was really impressed with the ladies and their shooting abilities. Jason and Daniel I hope these are keepers :)

We finally ended the visit with a OU game. I can't believe we got 6 seats together. The game was pretty much a blow out so we ended up leaving a little early but it was fun anyways.

I am going to try and finally do the two tags first I have to go to my 6th picture folder and post the 6th picture

Oh what do you know just a old highschool picture of my friend Lori.

My second tag is kind of long and some questions seem to repeat themselves but here we go

I am: already running out of ideas

I think: the world is comming to an end soon- hope you are ready cause I'm not

I want: to live close to family some day- agh paridise

I have: a little boys chest- seriously when I wear a sports bra I feel like a 14 year old boy.

I dislike: people that are mean and salad- whenever we go to a resturant and Spencer gets a salad they try to give it to me- eww

I miss: the mountains- there is so many things you can do in the mountains- things I took for granted when I lived in Idaho

I fear: Obama will get elected and take all our heard earned money- Seriously I hope we didn't go through all this school just to give it all to the government

I feel: lucky to have such great families!!!

I hear: meowing from my little cat Sofie-(she is still wearing her cat costume everyday even though Halloween was over days ago)

I crave: sugar- anything with sugar and chocolate and then an ocassional pickle- wierd I know.

I usually: like to go to bed early- drives Spencer nuts

I search: blogs I have lost so much time blog hopping- that's why I have to limit my blog time or I get sucked in.

I wonder: what life not in school would be like. Will I be able to get groceries without haveing a pit in my stomach whe the price is rang up.

I regret: not staying in touch better with so many high school and college friends- lucky blogging has really helped me out with alot of people though.

I love: getting outside. I don't know what it is about fresh air but I love it. I also love Spencer and Sofie.

I always: say too much- stick my foot in my mouth when I am trying to play it cool.

I worry: my breath stinks when I am whispering to people in church.

I believe: in the atonement and Jesus Christ

I dance: probably similar to Elaine on Senfeild but sometimes you just gotta feel the beat

I don't always: eat my vegtables

I win: almost never but for some reason I keep trying.

I need: to see my friends and family

I forget: to floss- don't think that Spencer lets me slip though-

I am happy: that I have been so blessed with so many great friends and family