Thursday, April 28, 2011

We made 2 trips to Moab in April one with the Swendsen's one with the Johnson's. Here are the little rascals (and 1 big rascal) getting ready for a fire.

mmm read dirt mixed with snot. So don't judge me because of the pumpkin pie hair cut. Spencer and I are in cahoots about what to do with it (Spencer does not want me to cut it)

Here we are all- the little ant looking things under the arch

The whole gang- yes it was very windy-

My cute sister Mary doing an Easter egg hunt with Sofie- just what you need when you are camping- more sugar!!

This is a trip we took to see Grandma Nancy- at Thanksgiving point.

"All Aboard"

Plum tuckered out! This is what you call shop till you drop, since we were hitting up shops all afternoon.

We are LOVING all the time we get to spend with family now that we live a days drive away. I took the kids up to Idaho to Grandma Jaylene's while Spencer's sister's kids were there so grandparents and cousin's can't beat that! This is Luke and Kalli 2 mo. apart. They look so similar!

Sofie rock climbing at blast off. She barley fit into the harness, in fact she didn't really fit and was way below the weight limit so it was just fine that she only made it like a foot up!

Snow in April- Idaho is so unpredictable. None of the kids had snow clothes so they are sporting whatever clothes aunts and uncles had left at home.

After Idaho we stopped in Utah once again for my cute niece's baptism. This is grandpa getting sabotaged by Kelsi and Sofie during the party afterwards.

Jayden and Sofie on the big day

We also got to see these little aliens in a dance competition

Next weekend my lil sister and her hubby came for a visit. We thought we would take on a little snowshoe adventure you know an hour or so. . . 4 hours later we found our way back. Lucky the kids were good sports and my pregnant little sister didn't even complain one time!

So this is what 4 hours of snowshoeing and not putting the sunscreen on evenly will do to a kid. I know this could qualify for worst mother of the year award!!! Poor little guy. I had to miss church just because I didn't want people thinking I was bringing a diseased child around- someone at the park did ask if he was sick.

So after the snowshoeing we sat back and relaxed to a motor cross ordeal at the fair grounds. When we got there they had like 3 year olds out on these tiny little bikes and we were like "Oh how cute, we should get Luke one of those." We ended up slashing that idea when we say the teenagers come ripping out and having all sorts of scary accidents.

Our little Picasa. This is Sofie and her first shown (at her school) piece of artwork titled "Rapunzel" (are you even surprised at the name) She is left handed so expect to see a lot more of this high quality art work make it's way to the wall/ fridge.

Happy Easter- the Easter bunny had hidden some Easter eggs around the house with some clues aka. jelly beans (this is for anyone who has seen hop :)