Friday, September 16, 2011

The wedding

Spencer's Brother Shane tied the knot on 9-10-11. Awesome date they for sure won't forget. I had pulled the camera out in the hotel the night before to make sure it was all fired up ready to go and I caught this cute face on camera.

Doesn't this just make you laugh, I can't pin point what is the funniest the double chin, the
1800 parliament looking hair or those cute little white ivory's under that pudgy little nose. He just makes me smile.

These two cousin's are 2 months apart and could be mistaken for twins!

All the Johnson girls minus Tina's girls and the newest member, the bride of the day -Sidni.

Kelsi- Spencer's youngest sibling and I had almost the same dress so we had to get a photo together. I had to get a photo of the dress just because it was so hard to find a dress for some reason.

Doesn't he look like a little Albert Einstein with the hair and bow tie!

Luke and Jordan- Spencer's youngest brother. He is single ladies :)

Our little ham- Sofie. I wish I had it on video while I was talking her pictures- she was working it!!! Moving her shoulders and head, so funny!

another cute photo

The whole Johnson Clan. It seems pretty big but imagine in 10 years when everyone is married and everyone has kids!!!

These 3 boys just cracked me up. Well we know what they were thinking "Are we done yet?"

The super cute bride. Sidni. Loved her dress!!!

Shane and his Bro's and Bro's in law. I think they were asked to make a funny face. . . Maybe Spencer is the only one that heard that hahaha.

Totally hilarious watching the kids rock the night away at the reception. I didn't even get a good picture of the star of the floor little Brayden Banks. Probably because I was laughing too hard. These kids really cut a rug!

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grand kids. Except the one in the oven (Jayson's).

oh, I think someone had a little too much to drink when it was all said and done.

Most of August

Well the travel log continues. . . If you are tired of reading about our hikes, bikes, and drives imagine how tired I am of packing, unpacking, doing laundry etc. But totally worth it to make all these memories with our kids before they are busy with sports and friends!

A day trip to Glenwood springs is where this trip is going. . .

and a hike to hanging lake. We hit up the huge natural hot spring swim pool when we were done!

Some resting hikers we stumbled upon :)

You know it's a popular trail when they have benches along the way. Which was really nice since we forgot the baby hiking backpack for Luke.

We went with Spencer to Rock Springs Wyoming. He goes there once a month to work so we tagged along this time. We had 2 days to fill our time while dad worked. Let me tell ya there isn't much to do in Rock Springs Wyoming at least that we could find. But we did have a little surprise for Dad after work one day when we had gone to the mall and Sofie suddenly decided to get her ears pierced! She was so brave she didn't even cry, flinch anything!

There they are, the little beauties! And I am not talking about the lips lined with leftover whopper from the movie we went to!

After Wyoming we headed up to the cabin in Island Park Idaho. It was a Blast. My sister Kathi's family met us up there as well as Kami and her family, Kelsi and Jordan (Spencer's siblings) and Grandma Jaylene and Grandpa Evan. The funny thing is I didn't even get a picture of what we did most. Play in/ at the lake. I think I was worried about the camera getting dirty.

Funny little Boston.

Asleep at last. The cousins stayed up so late at the cabin. I am not sure how I caught them sleeping on camera.

The lack of sleep caught up with her on the ride home!

Once we got back, it was back to the grind. Here is Sofie on her first day of School!

So the next weekend was a trip to Breckenridge to watch the USA Pro cycling race. Once again way cooler than I initially thought it would be. All the big names that raced the Tour de France where racing. Andy Schleck, Levi Liveheimer, Cadel Evans. . . We went early to get a good spot and it was funny there are so many cars and motor bikes before the bikers came we kept thinking they were almost here and then is would just be another round of cars and motorbikes.

That didn't keep this little on looker from having fun!

Or this one either. . . What? . . . There were lots of crazies dressed up. Just like the Tour De France.

Finally they came rushing around the corner. At one time the announcer said they were going 64 MPH when they were coming down the mountain, and on these tiny little tubes of air with only inches separating them from other riders. . . and Death! SCARY!

Aghh precious! Mother and daughter in the wild flowers.

Family snapshot in the mountains of Breckenridge.

Finishing it off with a dancing duo.

Middle end of July

Middle of July we actually took a little break from traveling and did the usual summer stuff. . . . swim, swim, swim.

Sofie had swim lesson's that have just turned her into a little fish. She has become such a better swimmer this year. Here she is waiting in line to go off the diving board for the first time.

I can't believe she went of with out a little shove.

So Spencer found this little baby bird in our back yard while the kids were playing in the sprinklers. It was soaking wet and couldn't fly so Sofie had so much fun holding it and petting it. I well expected to wake up in the morning and find it in the yard killed over but nope it wasn't anywhere to be found, hopefully it dried off and flew away instead of dead in the neighbors yard.

Luke in his summer swim attire. These little floaties are so hideous but so awesome for swimming!


What he likes even more than swimming is playing in the sand/ mud!

Oh . . .Surprise!

I just had to get a picture of this little chef. Seriously he has an obsession lately with cooking. I was doing some stuff on the computer when I realized the erie silence that accompanies the phrase "What is Luke doing" when I found this happy little rat or should I say ratatouille!

One other thing he loves besides cooking right now is "bootz". Unfortunately his boots are now 2 sizes too small so I found him in his P.J.'s wearing Sofie's boots around just besides himself he was so happy to have "bootz" on.

Well the summer fun staying at home only lasted a few weeks and it has been "on the road again since then." This trip to Utah to see Susie come home from her LDS Mission (1 1/2 yrs in Germany) we hit 200k miles in our Honda!

A building company in Utah has replicated the "Up" house. They got special permission from Disney and it is decorated and everything like the movie! So we took Grandma and checked it out!

Cousin's gone wild! These two girls came up stairs just giggling so hard, they just thought they were so funny thinking this idea up!

And here we are awaiting the arrival of Susie from Germany. . . .

. . . . and waiting. I asked them to make a "I'm sick of waiting face", and apparently Shelley makes the same face when she is sick of waiting as she does when she is on the toilet. . . hahah

Luke got so sick of waiting he laid down on the floor. . . we waited for a long time!

And just as everyone was about to leave for a restroom break she popped through the doors when no one had a camera ready. Isn't that how it always happens?

Here is the welcoming crew, and the sad Sister Swendsen. She was so sad to leave Germany! At least that's what she told us. I am hoping it's not because she didn't want to come home.

When she left we lived a plane ride away. Now we live a 4 hr. drive away. We are excited to get more Susie in our lives.

So we got back in the car and went straight to Crestted Butte Colorado where we met up with some friends from Oklahoma. Spencer went out one morning to check out a mountain bike race going on and found this big surprise. A Bear!

Who's this little stow away?

The dog cracks me up!

While we were there it was announced the night before the race that Lance Armstrong was in town and was going to race!!! We actually saw Lance Armstrong mountain bike race in real life! Seriously was way better than I thought it would be seeing him in real life!

ummm hu. Almost as nice as seeing Spencer in spandex :)

Just kept snapping the camera. It's like I couldn't stop. There were many more I am not even posting! I didn't even know I liked Lance that much!

Oh shoot how did this picture of me getting off my bike get in here? hahahahah. . . I wish

Those legs actually belong to this lady, Rebecca Rousch. Best Female mountain biker in the world (at least she won the world solo cup). She signed my flip flop, even though she was slightly disgusted to do it.

Us and the Phillips. What a fun weekend!