Monday, May 24, 2010

Gymnastics, Kylie and Camping

Well another year of gymnastics have come to an end. Sofie just LOVES gymnastics. I had her in dance and gymnastics and due to a tight student budget made her choose which one to continue and she didn't miss a beat in saying gymnastics. (I was hoping for dance she just makes the cutest little dancer)

Working on a back flip

Her version of a cartwheel-
For the general viewers this might seem so boring and nonsense but it's so fun as her mom to watch her every week and then see her learn- even the little things.

I just had to throw this picture in there- our family home evening for the night. Since Mom just called me today and told me that she was taking the kids to school in a snow storm- Just in case anyone is wanting to come and visit.

Isn't he just sooo cute.

So I am sad this is the only photo I took on my camera of my super cute sister-in-law Kylie who came to visit. Seriously had a BLAST with her here. It's been a month and Sofie hasn't stopped telling me "Remember mom, when Kylie was here". It's sometimes hard when there are a combined total of 16 siblings to get quality time with not only them but their spouses and kids so I just feel sooo lucky that Kylie took the time to come and visit. I probably talked her ear off. I don't think there was a second of silence the whole time she was here. I LOVED it!!! She is sooo fun and easy to talk to- such a great person. Every morning as soon as Kylie would get up Sofie was waiting outside the door to greet her. The time just went bye too quickly.

So as I was logging on to the Internet the home MSN page had the Forbes 5 most healthy and 5 most "sluggish" or unhealthy cities listed and guess what was the #1 most "sluggish" city. . . . right here in Oklahoma city. So we are doing our part as a family to change that and we went camping. Here is a picture of our fabulous camp site.

Spencer off-roading with our Honda. The park police (seriously there was a police station at the entrance of the park) come around to check the sites and we heard one yell "How the heck did they get that car over there. I have never seen a car over there". Spencer was pretty proud of that one.

Camping in style. Notice Sofie's "sunglasses". They are actually the 3D glasses from when we went to how to train your dragon, but now they have become her "sunglasses".

Our cute little hiker. Sofie LOVED camping she did not want to leave.

Luke wore himself out on his first camping excursion.

Turner falls- beautiful.

There was this fun little stream by our campsite.