Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Idaho, Oregon, and Utah

A month has past and I'm finally getting our big summer trip posted. First we started in Idaho where the kids were spoiled rotten by Grandma Jaylene, Kelsi and Evan while Spencer and I got a little get away to Oregon. Then it was on to Utah to see the Swendsen's.
Of coarse a Johnson get together wouldn't be complete without some physical competition. I was impressed with Evan's effort this go around. He took some harsh shot's and pulled some muscles but he stayed in it- not bad for a "Old man" :)
A day at good old Heise Hot Springs. It was soooo cold- especially after coming from Oklahoma's 105 degree humid heat- but still a blast.

I don't know how he did it but Spencer somehow talked Sofie into going down the water slide twice, but you can see it in her face she was terrified.

Our first stop in Oregon was to Nike Town. So this is my dorky self chillin with Lebron James.

Isn't it just beautiful.

It was such a nice break. Thanks Evan and Jaylene.

Final stop- hangn' with the Swendsen's in Utah. We were so lucky to get 9 of the 10 siblings together (my lil' sis Susan is off serving the Lord in Germany).

Look at all the blonde hair and blue eye's. We almost doubled the number of grand kids in one year from 4 to 7.

These pictures just made me laugh, so I had to narrate some of them. My sister Lisa had Noah 4 days before I had Luke and then my sister Kathi has a 2 year old boy Boston, and the three little boys together were a hoot. I totally know Boston is going to give the little ones a run for their money. Every chance he got he was pranking Luke, pouring water on him or whatever was around. Luke loved it though- they are going to be so mischievous I can already tell.

I know Anne, KJ, and Lisa- you all want to kill me right now but since we are all mom's and we never had time to take some "unnatural" (these are definatly more natural mom moments) pictures of us mom's looking great with our hair done and our perfect smiles, these pictures I shot while wrestling with the kids will have to work. These were probably some of my favorite moments of the whole trip. I would always say I am not going to be one of those people that always talk about their kids- then I had kids :)- They consume every moment of your time it's like what else CAN I talk about. Anyways I LOVED IT. I just left feeling so lucky to be a sister to these great mom's. You all teach me a lot. I already miss you!

My sister Kathi had the funnest idea, since we came from all over the U.S. to be here at the same time, and since we never get to be together for the kids birthdays she had one huge UN-birthday party. It was another highlight of the trip- something we will have to do again.

Diva Sofie decorating her cupcake

Liking her candy ring she got to decorate.

Luke was in HEAVEN with his first taste of frosting.

I just love this moment- Boston making Luke laugh.

I can't hardly believe that my little brother is old enough to go on a mission but he is going to Peru in Sept. I was so lucky to be there with everyone when he went to the temple for his first time.

Sofie couldn't get enough of her cousin's or her Aunt Shelley. Shelley- even though she is almost 18 and would normally be out with friends spent so much time doing make-overs, sleepovers, looking at the stars etc. how fun!!!

The perks of a large family. I'm one of the oldest so I still have younger brothers and sisters to rough the kids up and they love every minute of it. Here's my littlest brother Andy putting Luke down the slide. Can you tell by Luke's face that he's a little nervous?
Well there it is in a nutshell, and over in a snap. What fun!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kansas City

We took a trip to Kansas City to visit our super good friends the Frandsen's. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

They were due to have a baby on the 4th of July, so I had so much fun putting together a shower for her while we were there. One of our other really good friends from dental school, Melanie, flew in for the big event. We had so much fun and late night chats, I think we must have worn Michelle out because she ended up going into labor a month early- the day that we left. Sorry Michelle!

So I had so much fun looking online and getting ideas for this shower I just have to document the event. First here is the guest of honor and the 2 host's. Isn't Michelle's TINY belly adorable- she was 2 days away from having little Peyton.

The theme was sugar and spice- emphasis on the sugar-something Michelle and I have a strong affinity for. These were the invites.

The "Candy Bar". A friend brought a cake and it went in that empty spot.

Yummy cheesecake pops.

This picture is dark but I tried to stick with a brown and pink theme so I had these 5 candy jars with brown and pink candy.

Treat Bag for all the guests.

This is where the "Spice" fits in. We "spiced" up baby Peyton's wardrobe by making hair bows and bracelets.
I think it turned out pretty cute but looking at the pictures I think "that was it- what took me so long?" It was so fun anyways- thanks for letting me do it Michelle.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We just HAD to take another trip to Colorado to visit Brandon and Tina. We just get so spoiled when we are there and we never want to leave. It's so beautiful there.

We drove to the top of Pike's peak and the elevation change is so drastic we were all dressed for warm weather when we got to the top it was freezing so we ran to the edge grabbed a picture and then headed out.

One of the many beautiful scenic vistas on the drive to pike's peak

We tried to dare our Nephew to get into the almost frozen over lake, he thought about it for like 1 second.

Sofie couldn't get enough of her cousins.

Look at the beautiful mountains in the back.

I bet that hurt coming out :)

Notice Spencer's fresh mountain biking wound- always pushing the limits and leaving me a nervous wreck.

Notice Sofie covering her face the fire was so hot you could barley roast a mallow- but such a fun idea.

One last action shot- Sofie on the slip and slide.
I have 2 more post's coming of our Kansas City trip and our Northwest trip and I have Luke pulling at my legs crying and it's time to make dinner- always planning on getting more done than I accomplish so I will just put
To be continued . . . . .