Monday, August 10, 2009

Like mother like daughter???

So the other day we had a rare occasion when Spencer and I got to go on a date so I went all out and actually took a curling iron to my hair. Since this is a rare occasion I think Sofie thought it was very intriguing and asked if I could do her hair like that- usually she cries when I tell her I have to do her hair. So after we both had our hair curled I decided to document it with a picture. Well the more I look at this picture I have found myself asking. . . Is this really my kid. I mean when she was little I swore she was like me mini me and now I can't even see a resemblance in this picture- I don't know- what do you think?

Living so far away from family for so long makes you cherish any little moment you get with them. So that's what we did with my sister Mary and her hubby Joey when they were traveling through on their way from AL. to UT. Mary is in school to be a home ec. teacher so she is kind of on her way to being jack of all domestic trades. So we put her right to work giving Sofie her first real hair cut- I know so I am a bad mom because me daughter is almost 3 and I have never had her hair cut. Then we had her mending clothes and finally we had a big recipe swap- you see this is why you need sisters and why I miss having them so close. Thanks Mary we already miss you.
The final product isn't it SO cute.
So our most recent addition to the family is our new dog Bolt (luckily he's the kind that doesn't really poop or need feeding or if you step on him it's no big deal) anyways Sofie has been trying to fill a sticker chart (she gets a sticker every time she eats her meals well, pick up her clothes- which if you knew how many times a day she changes her clothes you would know why this is part of the deal, and then picks up her toys and anything else mom or dad deam sticker worthy). Any who, she has been eyeing this stuffed Bolt at the Disney store and we had to go visit it every time we went to the mall etc. Finally the day has come where she filled out her sticker chart traded it in for enough $ to get her new pet. Though everything takes twice as long because every time Sofie has to go potty so does bolt and every time Sofie has to eat so does bolt and so on and so forth, I actually think this might help her ease into having another sibling around- or so I am hoping.