Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Sofie

Things I love about Sofie at 2 years:

1) I love her little smile (her bottom jaw is pretty small so when she smiles her top teeth hide her bottom lip)
2) I love to listen to her play with her dolls she really loves singing Happy Birthday to them
3) She is really sensitive to those around her. She gets really worried when other kids are crying infact there is a little cardboard book I have about babies and she is really concerned about one page- she always turns to the page right away- it has a baby crying on it and she just says over and over baby crying momma, baby crying.
4) She loves to help mom I just love that she wants to help (even though it can be more of a hindrence at times)
5) She is such a quick learner she will do things after only being taught them once ie- at gymnastics
I just LOVE my little Sofie girl. I seriously have LOVED having a little girl and all the princess stuff and her gentlness I feel SOOOO blessed to have such a great daughter!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is in the air

So fall is my favorite season- probably like the majority of people- anywho I am just so excited it is here. There are some that don't know but in my former life (that would be life before marriage) I was a hunter- I know you aren't suprised because of my manly physique, but the leaves changing colors, the perfect temperatures and then there is this smell in the air that all just reminds me of the good old days of huntin with my dad. Well I thought you might want to see it to believe it so in the picture below the hottie, with the afro so big an adult size hunter orange hat won't even fit around the head, would be me proudly displaying our latest kill with a slit throat and blood dripping out- can we say REDNECK!!! Oh the good ole days when you thought you were so cool and you really a big DORK- at least I have matured in that I know I am a big dork now just wishing I was cool.
Well we have already been out and about trying to soak it all in before the freezing temperatures come. Below are some pictures of a visit to the zoo and a little camping trip we went on this weekend. We got a cheap thrill princess sleeping bag for Sofie and I've never seen her happier. She spent almost the whole entire time rolling around on that sleeping bag in the tent. I am just loving the age were it doesn't take much to make her happy. I know the day is comming where she is going to require alot more than a $15 sleeping bag to entertain her so I am living it up all I can with handme downs and cheap thrills.
So the last picture is Sofie with 2 french braids and a side messy bun something I have been dreaming of doing since the day she was born. Her hair is getting so long so on Sunday I decided that was the day to try and it really turned out so cute but by the time we made it to church she had had a nap and rubbed it around on the car seat it was like friz central.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wakeboard championships

Well who would have guessed that Oklahoma city would host the world championship wakeboarding competition this year? So of coarse Spencer couldn't pass up this once in a life time opportunity. I did think it was fun to watch how crazy these guys get and sorry the movie isn't really that cool but of coarse I video tape when they do the little tricks and totally miss the big tricks. Anyways there was a time when they had the pro women (more like girls they were like 18 years old) were signing autographs- and for those who don't know Spencer has high hopes for Sofie being a big wakeboarder one day so we HAD to get an autographed poster of all the prop girls to put in her room (actually I didn't know Spencer was planning on hanging it in Sofie's room or I proably wouldn't have gone through with it). Anyways getting on with my story so while I was going through the line one of the pro girls asked me if I had seen Rory on the Gilmore girls- because she thought I looked exactly like her. Now I wouldn't really think much of this except she is probably the 6th person to tell me this in the last couple of years. So I am posting a picture of both of us to get your opinions. Personally I think that we have similar features like a freckles and small round face but I would never say we look exactly alike. (Sorry I can't make this her picture any bigger without distorting it)

Well then it wouldn't be a post without a picture of our cute little cinderlla on here. She has really been into helping me clean I especially love it when she helps me "fold" laundry- it now takes 3 times as long to do most everything but at least I have good company.

Friday, September 5, 2008

We love visitors!!

We had to say goodbye to Shelley- we sure miss her around the house she was always making us laugh and so helpful plus she was my workout partner now it's back to doing it all myself- darn it.

Our good friends Ben and Michelle came for Labor day weekend and we had a BLAST with them here. We sure are lucky to have been blessed with such great friends who we can spend a weekend with- were we never stop laughing and having fun.

Thanks to Gustav my really fun sister-in-law Kami and her family had to reroute their move from Cali to Florida and they come through Oklahoma City. Sofie had so much fun playing with her cousins and we could have stayed up all night talking it was just so fun to see them. I have the best in-laws ever- and I know not everyone can say that. Just and FYI Kami is a triathlete and just got sponsored and asked to be on the winner of the 2006 iron man team- yea I feel pretty lucky to know her.
I just had to post this picture so Grandma and Grandpa Johnson could see how much Sofie loves her 5 new little kittens they sent her she LOVES them and has to have them in order to go to bed at night.