Monday, March 14, 2011

More outdoors

I am apologizing for being redundant with the post's. You might be bored of looking at our blog and seeing same story different day. I just make this blog into a book and want all these pictures and memories in it.- Sorry

We will start with the skiing this post. We met up with Spencer's 2 brother's families' Jayson and Brandon and had a fun weekend Skiing and hanging out by A-basin. I have to say I'm really sad ;) that Jayson went skiing the day before we got there and popped his rib out and so he ended babysitting for us on Saturday so it was a 100% adult fun run day- darn it!

Then Spencer and Brandon went on a crazy ski trip to a place called Sliverton. They had to ride the lift then hike and it was a guided thing and they had to wear avalanche beacon's, yada yada yada. Glad to report everyone made it back safely!

Here are some random pictures of our little monster Luke. He is at such a hard busy age but also doing so many cute funny little things. So when I say hard it's for things like constantly getting in the fridge. I had made some brownies one day and I hear Luke in the kitchen making a grunting noise- so I run in to see what he could possibly be doing and he's walking around with the 9x13 glass pan of brownies he had pulled from the fridge. So one night we were in the living room having family home evening when look comes in just eating away at a baked potato he had helped himself to- I finally got a fridge lock. I'm just wondering how long until he figures that out.

He also is obsessed with sunglasses. He will wear those things forever without taking them off. Even if it's night and I'm sure he can hardly see anything.

The weather here has been low 60's so this past weekend we tried to take advantage of the perfect temperatures. We went hiking with the kiddos. They loved it, even Luke was a hiking fool. He would get so mad if we tried to pick him up at all. Then Sofie is turning into a little Sherpa we were hiking for 3 hours and she never got tired or anything!

Spencer didn't think I could make it up to this little cave which was really ridiculous because after I did our little 4yr old Sofie scaled the rock and made it up too.

I don't know how long I will be allowed to leave this picture up so I hope everyone gets a peek :) Spencer being a dork! He makes you laugh doesn't he.

Last but not least biking. So we got a sitter and hit the trails here around town. So nice to get out with Spencer and not have to worry about the kids! So fun.