Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The week before the big due date

Knowing I was going to be stuck inside for a long while after having Rubi I knew we had to get out now or never. So the Sunday before I was due with Rubi we went on a hike up little cottonwood canyon with these crazy hikers!

Pretty fall backdrop

Then one last trip to the zoo without a stroller for a while.

Ok we got it out of our system.... lets have this baby!

Happy Birthday Sofie

Happy 6th Birthday Sofie!!! I actually put streamers up the night before blocking her bedroom doorway so that when she woke up in the morning she would be surprised. Well that actually backfired on me since she woke up at like 2:00 am to go to the bathroom and was so excited it was her birthday she couldn't go back to sleep so about every 30 min until the morning she was coming in our room waking us up to see if she could open her presents yet. Notice Luke's wild hair do... close up coming...

Sofie had invited Princess Jasmine to her party. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to leave Disneyland to come but she sent this cute build a bear outfit for a birthday gift.

Sofie had been planning her Hawaiian Birthday party since May, thanks to the oriental trading catalog she had big plans. Since I was a week away from being due with Rubi I reserved the party room at the Rec center pool... the perfect place for a luau right.

Most all of the guests were family. So glad to be close to so much family, especially for birthday's!

Sofie looking so sassy in her new birthday outfit!

Birthday girl going down the slide.

Grandma braving the slide!

Cousin's and her new friend Shyann were there.

Aunt Kathi and Harley..

The only day Sofie and Kelsi are the same age.... because September 28th is Kelsi's birthday!

Luke partying it up!

Silly Boston

we couldn't totally leave out the princesses, it just wouldn't be Sofie's birthday without one. So we had a brave cake with princess Meridah.

Super excited about Barbie and the princess pop star!

Can we say stuffed?

Thanks Grandma Jaylene!

And the close up I promised. Luke has the best hair do's in the morning!

Happy Birthday Sofie. I love you so much! my 6 favorite things about Sofie are
1) She tries really hard to do what's right. I always trust what she says because I know she would never want to tell a lie!
2) She is a very happy and silly little girl. She likes to be goofy and is always making me smile.
3) She is the best big sister. She is such a good example for Luke to follow and it is so nice that they have become the best little friends (most of the time).
4) I love that she is a girly girl. She loves to dress cute, loves accessories, stuffed animals, make up, nail polish, princesses etc.
5) She treats everyone with kindness. I haven't found a kid that doesn't want to be her friend. She is such an easy person to get a long with and are fine doing what others want to do. You find the good in others.
6) She loves to cuddle with mom and dad. She is just the best company when Spencer is gone for work or what not. I love having Sofie as my oldest child!

Beginning of September

Our new place for time out.... shipped to grandma! haha

Luke's latest funny streak.... he is obsessed with the vacuum. In fact Sofie asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted and he said a "Vacuum party!" (I wonder how many kids want to be invited to a vacuum party!) He just gets the vacuum out on demand. I could be working at the computer, or getting dinner ready and I will here him wheeling out the vacuum, plugging it in and vacuuming.  I wouldn't mind if this obsession doesn't really go away!

Grandma and her green thumb was able to grow these nice big pumpkins for the kids. Thanks Grandma!

Hmmm....  will the pumpkin be in the wheelbarrow for long?
About a couple weeks before I am due with baby #3 we take a Sunday hike to ensign peak with Grandma and Grandpa. How fun to just meet up for fun things like!

At the top of Ensign peak with a beautiful sunset.

Who else gets a giant water slide at their ward picnics? Seriously a blast.

About 2 weeks before having baby #3 we decided we needed to get out and camp at least once this year. Having a new baby next camping season would only make it harder to get out. So we went up to beautiful Pine view reservoir. 

Crazy eyes....

ummm Spencer is this really a good idea... 

Camping with a beach could you ask for a better way to do it?

I had to put together an ad for a coupon magazine for Spencer's work and needed some vampire teeth.... so meet our vampire models... Sofie and Luke.

I guess it's never too late to start teaching your son a man's job... even if he is only 2 and it could totally be dangerous.

Sofie's kindergarten photo. She is just a cutie pie!

Happy Birthday Jordan. I know know who was more excited about birthday dinner, the birthday boy or Luke.