Friday, July 25, 2008


I have been going to this jogging trail by my house in the morning and I just think it is so pretty I thought no one would believe me so I posted a few pictures. I know I was guilty thinking like everyone else- that is not from OK- but I have been presently suprised at some of the folage and hills here. (There are of coarse the flat dry parts too.)

Oh and I had my first day of work and it went better than I thought it would. Everyone there was so nice and I've only worked 2 days but so far it is still the fast pace that I like but minus so much of the stress I had at my last job.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picture Tag

So I got another picture tag and it couldn't have come at a worse time- but it will be fun anyways. So Spencer had to go on a overnight trip to Texas for school and we have been going like a million miles a minute so I decided today was a lounge day- perfect for getting caught up on blogs when I saw that my friend Kim picture tagged me so just keep that in mind and the fact the we are still unpacking when you see these pictures. I guess the rules are you have to do it right away and you can't change anything:

1) The fridge. It's funny that this fridge is brand new and we don't have that much food but in the picture it doesn't look that way.

2) The closet. So I took 2 trips to good will getting rid of stuff mostly clothes and everything still barely fits.

3)Self portrait. So I haven't washed my ahir for three days and the past three days have been me doing 2 different house's yard work and swimming so can I say gross but I am trying to abide by the rules.

4)Livingroom. It's hard to get the whole room in one picture but yep I am still using the same wall decor different house.

5)Sink. I don't know if you can tell in the picture but there is some hard core water stains here and I can't get rid of them- I have tried like 5 different cleaners- any suggestions?

6)Laundry room. Way smaller than our last laundry room- I can't just do the laundry and leave it on the floor in the laundry basket.

7)Toilet. So glad I cleaned it yesterday because it was GROSS. Three college boys had lived here before us and I had tried everything to get the grime off the toilet and finally broke down and bought a special toilet cleaner.

8)Child- lounging in her elmo P.J.'s doing her favorite things coloring and watching nemo.

9)Shoes. I too love a fast comfy pair of flip flops which always makes me wonder why I have sooo many pair of shoes and still continue to wear the $2.50 pair of flip flops from Old navy.

10) Dream vacation. The cruise we took in March was bascially my dream vacation. I had a hard tim picking a picture though I didn't know if I should use a beach picture or a rainforest picture but I think I loved just realxing on the beach with my man and my friends the most. Sorry about the fuzz I couldn't get it to download right.

So last time I did this tag thing I tagged more people and NO ONE did it so this time I am going to tag some others and I hope someone does it: Rachel, Marcy Miller, Alacey, Kristi, and Kathi.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Barbies already?

Sofie is growing so fast so I am posting lots about her so our families and friends can she how big she is getting. She always wants to be pretend playing with dolls or whatever she can find with a face. We play barbies almost everynight before we go to bed she loves "shopping" she gives all the barbies and herself a barbie purse. As you can see in the picture she found a barbie hat that she wanted and had to wear it the rest of the night. She is quite the chatter box. Everytime I pick her up from nursery it's a different nursery worker and they can't belive how much she talk's. I tried to capture it on video but I guess she's a little camera shy I got her doing it a little bit but it's usually a lot more than this. (She has this thing lately where everything is "scary". I don't know where she got it from but take a look and you will see what I mean.)- Okay I just tried to upload a movie and after like 15 minutes it said it was still uploading- is this normal?

Edmond (the town we live in) had this really fun kid area set up before the fire works. They had this little toddler area where Sofie was having the time of her life. The other picture is her watching the fireworks and I think that the face she is making is hilarious.

We went to the drive in movie thinking Sofie would fall asleep after the first movie- wrong she stayed awake the whole time until we were half way home in the car (like 1:30 in the morning)-party animal I guess.

Well we have a new address I will try to send out an E-mail with our new address but if you don't get and you want it leave me a message and I will try to e-mail it to you.

Spencer has started school and has been VERY busy so Sofie and I have been unpacking and hanging out together. I start work in just over a week- I'm a little nervous. We still haven't sold or rented our condo. I'm getting really nervous about that. I am trying to have faith that it will all work out but this has really been a trial. We have made a lot of great friends here and I do feel like we are being taken care of. We love and miss everyone.