Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fall Family

Well I have gotten a little behind on my blog but these last couple of weeks have flown by with Spencer being gone to interviews and work. We are all so worn out and excited for them to be over. Sofie has been a little stinker lately. I think she has been missing her dad and she is getting four teeth in. Well Spencer has one interview left in Milwaukee Wisconsin, then we wait until Nov. 28th when we find out were we go.

It's pretty crazy that almost four years have gone bye. We went to possibly our last OSU football game last night, we lost :() and I remembered being at our first OSU football game thinking that four years was going to last forever and really it has gone bye really fast. It just makes me realize that it is important to enjoy life whatever the situation.

With thanksgiving approaching I have a lot to be thankful for especially the great friends and family we have. Thanks for all you do for us from a simple phone call or E-mail to your thoughtful cards and packages.


We sure had a fun Halloween this year. Sofie had a lot of fun wearing her Halloween costume so she wore it around all day. We had our own little Halloween party while Spencer was at school. We made pumpkin sugar cookies and carved a pumpkin. When Spencer got home we took Sofie around to a few of her friend's house to show off her cute chick outfit. It was so funny seeing her waddle around in the outfit.