Monday, August 27, 2012

Random pictures

So I am just throwing a bunch of random pictures in that made me laugh with no particular order! The first one is Spencer and the biggest burrito he has ever ordered!!

Luke once again dressing like a princess.  With Sofie snickering in the back ground. I'm sure once he gets big enough her turn will come!

This is what happens when you leave Spencer in charge of the kids with cousin's over! Wonder what our neighbors were thinking!

Luke once again trying to get in on the cooking action with Grandpa Brent!

Sofie has another loose tooth- I think once this is gone we will be at a total of 7 teeth already lost and she is still only 5! Anyways she doesn't really like to work so I started a sticker chart for a toy she wanted but she decided that was just too much work so she once again came to Spencer and asked if she could come to his work and have her tooth pulled so she could get some $ from the tooth fairy. She might not like to work but at least she has good bargaining abilities. 

So here Spencer is numbing her tooth but in the end she couldn't go through with it. Looks like it's back to the sticker chart.

Yes another activity where Sofie had her face painted. I always think it's funny that she loves it so much because she can't even see it because it's on her face!

Friends and family

We had a few weeks of visitors the first part of August and loved it. First was a visit from my super awesome friend Sarah Ross and her kids. Here is Luke and Jack hugging. Evan though Luke refuses to call him is friends. Rude right... the problem is he thinks he is Sofie's age and so her friends are his friends and anyone his age is too little to be his friend.

Cute little buddies Tilly and Sofie

Girls night with Sarah and her cute twin Becca. Such a blast!

Oh how I miss you Sarah. Thanks for visiting me!

Then I don't have too many pictures, probably because we were having too much fun to pick up the camera but after Sarah visited Spencer's Brother's family came through town on the way to Island park. We also stopped in Idaho falls to say Hello to Grandma and Grandpa Jaylene who took us to this super fun place called jump- a huge trampoline place. That is where this fuzzy picture comes in. Luke was red-faced, sweaty headed from non stop jumping for a hour straight!!!

Here is a shot with some of the Johnson and White family in Yellowstone park.
Here is Luke dirty and sweaty as ever. I am not kidding when I say I think he is the messiest kid ever!!!

Never too young to teach your kids hard work! This does look a little dangerous though...

Luke and Joshy... cute little cousins.

We floated the river and stopped at a rope swing on the way and some amazing photographer snapped this photo just at the right time, making Spencer look like he is walking on water. So hilarious!

Sofie goes to Kindergarten

Well the big day has finally arrived. We now have to consider school into our equation of time, for family activities, school days because we have a kindergartener. Seriously I already miss just being able to go whenever, wherever not having to worry about taking a child out of school. I guess I will have to get used to it for the next 20+ years!!!!

This was taken on the school clothes shopping trip. She picked this outfit out and her favorite part of the outfit.... yes the glove! Let's just say she loves her some accessories!

1st day of school and her face says it all so excited but a tiny bit nervous!

So though I don't really want to make it public, I do want it recorded. So the first day of school I have such high hopes as a mom. I make her her favorite breakfast. Make sure I spend extra time with her before school. Go over a million things about how to use the restroom etc. then the time comes to take her to school and turns out I am the worst mom! I really over thought the whole drop off thing, thinking I don't want to get there too early and just be chasing Luke around waiting for her teacher to come out and get the kids. So I cut it too close and of coarse it took longer than hoped getting out into the car etc. And her very first day of school she had to be thrown out of the car being told to rush into the already leaving line of kindergarten kids so the door would not be shut on her, since you have to have a special tag to open the door! What kind of mother does that on their first child's first day of Kindergarten!!! So I spent the next 3 hours wondering if I scarred her for life since she is so timid and shy and didn't give her any time to warm up to the other kids or anything!!! 
So I made sure I got there with plenty of time to catch her the minute school got out with some balloons and treats and got a picture with her teacher Mrs. McDougal. Luckily she was so excited about school she told me she was not mad at me for dropping her off like that. I will never forgive myself though!! 

Silly Sofie

I found these on my phone and just couldn't delete them. What a funny little surprise!

Obviously going to need orthodontic work here soon and she decided the year she gets braces she is having a tooth birthday party.  I wonder if she will remember that.

A fun outing with Grandma and the cousins to the Dinosaur park.


Emily's wedding and Lukie

Starting out with me and my cute sisters (missing Lisa, Anne, and Mary)
(Susie, Me, Emily, Kathi, and Shelley)

Well my lil' sister Emily tied the knot mid July and with the help of my crafty sisters we threw this cute little shower for her. Seriously love living by my sisters when it comes to this stuff. Something that would have taken just me forever to decorate, cook, party favors, games etc. was a wrinkle in time when we all got together and did it in one night and it turned adorable. 

Kinda fuzzy but just have to throw in the pictures to remind me down the road of the cute ideas!

Random but here is a belly shot of me at 28 weeks. (Taken at the party I think that's how it ended up in here.)

This is good that my kids are getting some bay time in with cute little Faith (Lisa's baby)

The whole kit N' caboodle. Emily just looks so beautiful and happy! 
Chocolate fountain, always a fun idea for the bride.... who doesn't have kids yet. I think I spent the majority of the time keeping this little guy out of the chocolate!!

Getting a lot of pictures of Luke here at the wedding but where is Sofie? Oh wait, when the cousin's are around she seems to disappear.

Double trouble!
Here is our little Ratatouille. Always HAS to help me with anything I do in the kitchen... lots of help right. Like when you put 4 cups of flour in the kitchen aid and when your head is turned he turns it up as high as it will go so flour goes all over the kitchen! He is seriously obsessed with cooking. I usually make dinner just after lunch and have it all ready to go in the oven at dinner time and of coarse he helps every single time. Well, one day his cousin was over playing so I made dinner without him. When dinner time came he pulled up a chair and was in position to help when I had to break it to him that I had already made it. That's when the tears started coming then the words "That's not fair. You made dinner without me. That hurt my feelings!" 
Looks like I have a Sou Chef for 16 more years!

But how could I turn away this cute little helper anyways!!! LOVE  this little guy!

Evan Johnson reunion and random stuff

Nothing like some old prom dresses to provide a full day of entertainment for these little ladies.

The girls prefer dress ups and this little guy likes a nice messy ice cream at the park. Along with not having to have his hair combed for the day... hahah.

Since my buddy Jessica Johnson-( friend in High School then friend/ neighbors in Oklahoma, and now they live in Pocatello Idaho) Lives just a few hours away we decided to take a road trip to go have some fun with our long time friends. I had to post this awesome pool shot of Luke, I don't know what is funnier the glasses or the hair, maybe a combo.

So it was the 1st ever Evan Johnson family reunion and we had a BLAST in Telluride, Colorado. 

There was fishing. Luke actually caught a fish but was too scared of it to get a picture by it!

There was a sweet "play/ dance party" put on by the grandkids. With Bria attempting 3 times to recite Paul Revear.... though she got frustrated at the younger kids, who she had asked to act the poem out behind her while she recited it, the audience was kinda grateful we the 20 min. show did not go on!!!

A little family photo by the waterfall that didn't really get in the photo.

So here is the waterfall that didn't fit in the last picture but isn't it just breathtaking!

This was obviously one of the first day's there since all those little colored beads are still in the package not, as they later were, all over the whole entire room. But I can't complain because those little things provided hours of entertainment for this group of crafty kids.

The end of a long hike but totally worth it.

Lunch time.

This little guy always makes me chuckle

Pretty sure it's time for a hair cut!

All the cousin's (except little Evalyn who couldn't make it because Daniel had officer training :()

Here is a family shot with a waterfall actually in the picture. Aghhh Telluride is sooo beautiful. Waterfalls everywhere.

Luke working it with his shirt off around the ladies. . . . 

and catching a few rays with the ladies as well! hahahah

Right after we got back from Telluride Spencer opened up the doors and started seeing patients at his brand new Day Break office. So we had to go check it out with the cousins of coarse.

Here is Dr. Johnson looking good in his new office!