Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm not trying to rub it in to my friends in Oklahoma or Ohio or anything but we just can't get enough of the outdoors here, just think of it as an invite:). For the past 4 weekend we have been able to venture out and just do fun things. I don't have pictures of everything but 1st my Sister's family came for a visit so we took the kids on a fun little hike. Of coarse I "let" my sister take all the pictures and then I don't have any to post but we did the same hike the day before with just us and the kids so here is a picture of that. Then Spencer and I got a sitter and went mountain biking the next weekend. So I used to really enjoy this sport- before we started Dental school- so like 6 1/2 yrs and 2 kids later I am realizing that I am a pansy. I'm going to have to brush up on my biking skills but it was still a blast.

The next weekend mom, pop's and my little bro. Andy came for a visit so we jumped in the car and drove 1 1/2 hours to Moab where we spent the day hiking around Arches park.

Fun Grandparents.

"Hercules" "Hercules"

Sofie was so excited to see "Pocahontas's" Indian writings. (Notice that she is wearing Luke's P.J. bottoms since she spilled water all over and that's all we had available.)

The Arch landscape in the background.

A bunch of pooped hikers.
Valentine's day was so fun. I love that it was on a Monday so we kind of celebrated all weekend and then ended with all the fun stuff for the kids. First we started off the holiday weekend by going snowshoeing with the kids on the Grand Mesa. It is sooo beautiful there, and it had just snowed early that week with blue skies and the sun was shinning. It was like pristine conditions! We actually all came back sunburned.

The kids did really good. Sofie started with snowshoes but only made it to the trail head before she noticed Luke getting pulled in the sled and then that was the end of that, but she still had so much fun getting pulled on the sled. Luke he was a pretty good sport too considering that we were show shoeing for 3 hours. I found out how long a sucker can last anyways. Then the last part of the trail he was plum tuckered out and you can see in the picture how he is bent over- he was passed out. All that work sitting in the sled just got the best of him.

So this was the excitement Monday morning the kids woke up to. Even nice little packages and valentines from some of our friends in OK and family- Thanks. We got Luke a $5 thrill- golf clubs. I don't know why for one second I thought that would be a good idea when I saw it all cute in the packaging (maybe because Spencer was with me:). I know I will regret it one day- real soon. I say this after a real hard week with this little guy, like when he somehow- I still don't know because I swear I went around the house early the week and collected all the sharpies, but he found one and for the 5 min. I was on the phone managed to color all over the wood floors and the walls- in a house we are renting. Yeah!

Sofie had her first school valentine party and was so excited about each and every valentine people gave her. She just thought it was so funny that boys gave her valentines with dinosaurs and cars- i.e. she said "That's silly Jacob gave me a dinosaur valentine. I'm not a boy." She obviously had two separate valentines for the girls and boys that she gave out. I have to say with all the valentines she had to give this year she is now very good at signing her name.