Monday, September 24, 2007

One crazy week (9/24/07)

Well I participated in my first triathlon on the 15th. I was supposed to sign up in the mountain biking group and signed up in the road biking group and didn't realize there was two separate groups until the race was over. So I was riding a mountain bike while everyone I was competing against was on a road bike. Also it was like 60 degrees outside when the race started so all things considered I think I did okay. I finished in the middle so I was glad I wasn't last.
Since living in Ohio we are driving distance from a lot of big U.S. cities. So while we are living here we have tried to hit most of the towns when Spencer has school off and I have work off. This last week we were able to visit Pittsburgh. It's a pretty cool city because it's built on a river and is the Steele capitol of the U.S (Steelers:)) so it's really industrious with lots of boats and trains.
Spencer was invited to two more interviews yesterday so he so far has interviews to Colorado, Oklahoma, and OSU. They have just starting inviting people to interviews so we will try to keep you posted as they come in.
Sofie turns one year old on Thursday. It's pretty amazing what kids can learn in one year. If what she is like now is any indication of her as a teenage we are in for a real treat. She is much like her dad--- busy body and very determined. Her favorite thing right now is baby signing time. I don't think she really watches to to learn how to sign (she can only do 2 signs) but she loves the music and the kids. She loves to dance and sing. Sometimes she gets a little out of control when she is dancing and ends up on the floor. She also loves to sing. She can say baby and sometimes she will sing baby, baby, baby etc for long drawn out periods. She loves to talk (in her own language) which has started to turn into shouting so in the middle of church it's not always so cute.
Well this is a quick update in a nut shell. I will try to post more news at it comes.