Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring break 2010

For the third year in a row we went to Colorado Springs for Spring break to visit Spencer's brother's family, and once again we return having the greatest time ever- having soaked up every minute we could in the beautiful outdoors, and visiting our favorite zoo- where you can feed the giraffe's. Sofie had such a fun time with her cousin's. Always someone to play with, and they just played so well together. I just totally admire Brandon and Tina for all they have accomplished in life and their family. I just love every minute I get to them.
We had so much fun staying the night in a condo and skiing the next day. Sofie had her first go at skiing. She seemed so excited about it when we arrived but after two runs she was freezing cold and crying to go in.

Then Spencer and I got to go on a little getaway with out the kids to the lake Tahoe area. Thanks to Brandon and Tina watching our little nuggets. It was just what I needed after having a baby and being stuck in the awful Oklahoma weather now my tank has been re-fueled.

Just end it with a few pictures of our little cow pokes.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sofie had her first Soccer game today. It was pretty funny watching. Most of the time they couldn't keep 4 kids on the field because they were crying and scared but to my surprise Sofie didn't even mind she stayed out there almost the whole time. Now kicking the ball was a whole other problem, she would chase the pack around but she wasn't even trying to get the ball. How do you teach a child that it is okay to take the ball away when you've spent their whole life telling them not to take things from other kids. Over all it I was really proud of her. Oh and she has a very competitive streak in her I am learning. Before the game she kept saying- "I want to win mom" and then when she would take water breaks she would ask "Am I winning mom"- Even though they lost miserably I told her "Yes hunny- you won" She was pretty proud of herself after that.

So here's the latest Pict's of the growing boy. I love those big blue eyes!

Some fun Pict's of our Drama Queen

So me and the gals went to this fun event- a Roller Derby. The girls in the yellow were actually the girls that were in the movie Whip it. I don't know what was more entertaining. The crowd, the half time or the actual event. It was like some weird world I didn't even know about. It was a pretty fun night out though.

This was the 1/2 time show performed by the "fearleaders"- I guess if you like Halloween this would be right up your alley-

We were guessing that the official in black is in Drag- what do you think?

Just hanging with the girls!!