Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last day of Work

I can't believe it really happened- I had my last day of work Yesterday. For the longest time I haven't really thought that this Ohio adventure was coming to an end. I don't know if it is denial or we've been here for four years I just can't imagine life not being here in Columbus, OH. Work will always be work but the friends I made at work and the amazing families I took care of is what I am going to miss. It isn't always easy being far away from family and I think that my friends at work knew that was hard- especially when I had Sofie. They were so good at finding things all day to laugh about and they took me under their wing always bringing me little things for Sofie, cutting coupons, volunteering to be my mom away from home, providing me with helpful motherly tips etc. I just fell really lucky to have met all of these really great people that I am really going to miss- Thanks everybody. On Monday some of us went on a girls night out to. . . you guessed it my favorite restaurant P.F. Changs- it was soo much fun. I also included a couple pictures of some of my favorite kids (of coarse all the kids are my favorite :)) who I will really miss- of coarse I made sure I got permission to post their picture so I wouldn't be violating Hippa.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What they have hills in Ohio?

So Spencer had a road bike race he did this weekend. I don't know the technicalities- and I am sure Spencer will correct me on this after he reads it but I guess when you do road races there are 5 levels. You are supposed to start at level 5 and if you win enough races in level 5 you can get a license to move to level 4 then if you place in enough of those you keep moving up. So since Spencer hadn't done a bike race in 2 years he should have signed up for the level 5 but it might not surprise you that he was concerned that there might not be enough competition at level 5 so somehow he manged to sign up for the 3-4 group (they combined them in this race) even though he wasn't "licensed". It was a really hard ride with a really long steep hill that they had to climb 6 times-in a loop. Since there isn't even so much as a mound of dirt in our part of Ohio this was a killer for him. All things considered I was so stinking proud of him when he took 3rd place. Just as a side note Sofie thinks any guy in spandex on a bike is daddy. At the race anytime a biker went by she yelled "go daddy"- pretty dang cute.

Well most of you might already know that I love surprises. So even though I am sure there are lots of people who don't love surprises I still like to surprise others. It's probably like when you get a gift from someone and it is really what they want. Anyways my good friends Lori and Michelle helped me plan a surprise baby shower for our friend Melanie at MY favorite restaurant P.F. Changs. It was so much fun having a night out with the girls and I sure had fun trying to surprise Melanie.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's day 5k

So in an effort to motivate me to exercise with Sofie I signed Spencer and I up for a 5K. The whole day before the race it rained and was so dark and dreary. I was so excited when I woke up the morning of the race and the sun was shining-it turned out to be a beautiful morning. It was also really fun the our good friends Lori and Richard ran it with us. Niether Spencer or I had done a 5 K before so it was pretty exciting that Spencer took 7th over all and ran it in just a hair over 19 min. I didn't have a grand entry like Spencer or anyting but I was pleased with my time and actually had a blast. But I really have to thank our great friends the Frandsen's for watching Sofie- so for once I could run without pushing Sofie in the jogger- It was soooo nice. I mean I don't know how we got sooo lucky to make these great friends but how many people do you know that don't have kids wake up early on a Saturday morning to come to a race they aren't even running just to cheer us on and watch our kids. Thank you soooo much Ben and Michelle.
This was Sofie's first try and helping me in the kitchen. We were frosting cup cakes and I think she ate more frosting thatn she put on the cup cakes but it was really fun to do it together.