Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas at the Cabin

Nativity scene 2012!

Samuel the Lamanite

Christmas night didn't keep these two awake!

We have a picture about Sofie's age on this exact bravo from the cabin, and it is still running!

Cool do!

Grandpa looks a little nervous!

Run for it!

She looks harmless.... right?

Is this a new act in the Nativity scene???

Scary a blind folded donkey!

Mary and baby Jesus

 Christmas morning 2012!

Rubi's first Christmas tuckered her out!

Lucky me to have a visit from one of my favorite people Lori Luff!!!


Sofie's Kindergarten Christmas party! Pictured is Sofie with her friend Kulea.


Love getting pampered by the cousins!
This little boy is always putting a smile on my face. It even starts the minute he wakes up with cool hair do's like this one!!!

2012 Favorite family shots!

Sofie's tumbling performance.

Such a good little acrobat!

Rubi 2 months

Our little diva is 2 months old!!!

Sofie was sooo excited when we were at Walmart and Santa AND Mrs. Claus happened to be there! Luke (Not pictured) was crying scared in the shopping cart!


6-8 weeks old already!!!

Love this cute baby!

Shane's little football!

Sledding at Sun Valley the weekend after Thanksgiving!

Rubi's first sledding ride at 7 weeks old!

All tuckered out. Rubi sleeping with Kelsi and Maverick (unborn in the tummy still!)