Thursday, September 3, 2009

Changing faces and Hotter N' Hell

So we got to see the little guy today and I am just in awe at how good the pictures have been turning out. So I made a collage of all the ultrasounds we have had thus far to compare the growth. I have one more scheduled before I deliver and I am worried his face isn't even going to fit in the frame. I really wish I had these 4D ultrasounds with Sofie because she came out looking a lot like me and I don't know if you agree but so far this little guy looks just like his dad. I think we are going to have another baby with lots of black hair (that's what Sofie had) because they saw hair on the ultrasound today. I am just getting so antsy to see him. Oh and if you have any great names you don't mind sharing we are still having a hard time in that department.

So I guess you can't keep a good man down. Spencer raced in Texas's biggest bike race of the year (TX is where Lance Armstrong is from FYI :)) and took 6th place in his bracket. I don't know if you would call me a good wife for supporting him in this after getting in 2 scary wrecks or if I am stupid but if there's one thing I've learned in 7 years of marriage it's that Spencer LOVES biking- so how can I take that away- (Plus I don't think he would listen anyways :)) So I just grin and bear it. But am I wrong to say that I really do like seeing him in spandex :)

It was a pretty cool race. Well you could actually do the race (100 K) or the ride (100 miles). Over 10,000 people signed up and I am sure more people rode that didn't sign up but I just thought after hearing the name of the race it wasn't going to be me- I don't know maybe I will change my mind when I am not 8 mo. prego. Anyways there were all sorts of people and bikes I had to take a pictures of some of them because they were just crazy. There was a 3 person tandem bike. A crazy tandem recumbent bike where one person was facing forward (luckily it was the person in the front) and one person was facing backwards (yea, she wasn't even pedaling she was just snapping photos- now that is the kind of ride I need).

I saw this little guy with training wheels and a whole bike get up and my Son's life flashed before my eye's- I am sure this is what Spencer is picturing our little man doing in like 4 years.- Aghh

At least let's hope that if this happens in the family it's me pulling the kids or else they are in it for the ride of their life (Spencer's Grandpa used to tell him all the time there is more than one speed- He has this crazy need for speed)

I just had to insert this Sunday activity Spencer does. He gets so stir crazy on Sunday- hey I say whatever works- I guess Sofie is getting into it too.