Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gymnastics and 5K

Just some cute pictures of Sofie- We got a really fun box of hand me downs from cousins' Jayden and Kelsi and so we have been putting together some really cute outfits. The PJ one is Sofie in all the fun character PJ's Kathi sent us Sofie just begs me all day to wear them so we put them all on at once she was soo excited.

Shelley and I did a really fun 5 K while she was here it was perfect for two girls raised on meat and potatoes because it was put on byt the stock yards and they were grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone afterwards (of coarse the thought of a hamburger or hot dog after running made me want to hurl :) The race was at 7:30 in the morning and my nice man Spencer still got up at 6:00 and came to cheer us on- the one day he can sleep in- what a nice guy.

Sofie started gymanstics this week. She had soo much fun. I was suprised at how fast she caught on to things. Maybe we should have named her Shawn -(get it Shawn Johnson)

I was really suprised how fast Sofie just climbs up the rock wall- especially for not even being 2 yet. (does anyone know how to turn the movie?)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aunt Shelley,Kansas City, and the hair cut

My cute little sister Shelley is here visiting from Oregon and has been here for almost a week. I already don't know how I do it with out her help. She is so much fun to have around. (I just love that my face is so shinny in all the pictures!!)

Well I couldn't take it any longer- only being a 5 hour drive from some of my best friends and not going to play. So with Shelley's help Sofie, Shelley and I drove to Kansas City to party- While Spencer had to do a weekend seminar for school!! Ben and Michelle were like the best hosts ever and we had a BLAST! They have the cutest house in the cutest neighborhood and I was suprised how much fun Kansas city was.

Well I decided after a couple months in the heat of Oklahoma it was time to shorten the hair. This was the longest I have ever had my hair- I swear by the time I got it to the right length the hair style changed to short hair. So during my visit to KC Michelle chopped my hair. I love it- it is sooo light and airy feeling- just what I wanted. Thanks Michelle- (not bad for someone who's never been to hair school!)

We didn't waste a minute while we were together. We went all over downtown KC. One really fun thing we did was that us girls went to a Chris Keegan (Country) concert. KC has free concerts every Friday night downtown, we all know that deep down I am a country girl so I just loved it. We found fun parks, fountains, and free music. Perhaps the funnest things we did and what I miss most about Ohio- just hanging out playing games, laughing and watching the Olympics (it was football games in Ohio). Then of coarse Sofie was SPOILED by Ben and Michelle and couldn't get enough of Porter. I already miss you guys thanks for eveything- We had a BLAST.