Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cutie Lukie

So last night my little sister told me she wanted to see more pictures of Luke when I realized I haven't even been taking too many. So today he was looking so cute I had to just snap a shot of our 7 week old Luke . . . I know you just want to squeeze his cheeks don't you!!

I thought I would throw in a couple favorite family pictures while I was posting:)- Happy Holiday's everyone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It's almost Christmas so I decided to post Thanksgiving- haha. That's about how my life goes these days meaning to get so much done and getting almost nothing done. But here are a few picts of our turkey day spent with friends who pretty much are family (their last names are the Johnson's and the kids might as well be cousins).

This is "Uncle Kolby" who needs credit for making this beautifully delicious bird.

This is the turkey I get credit for: a cherry cordial stuck to a grasshopper cookie with a few jelly bellies to top it off.

The cooks and the . . .

Crooks- who ate all the food :0.

Our 3 little Indians- or as Sofie likes to be called "Pocahontas".

Just another picture of our growing little boy

This is how we see Sofie about 50% of the time as "Insectosaurous". Seriously there are some mornings I find her in her bed with this on and I have taped it about 100 times trying to keep it together.