Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oklahoma severe weather changes part II

So I think it's funny that I just did a post about weather in Oklahoma because today I realized I wasn't in Ohio anymore. So around 2:30 the tornado sirens started going off and there was some thunder and lightening going on. Well honestly I didn't think anything of it because in Ohio this would happen and everyone just ignored it. Then Spencer and my good friend Jess called me telling me to get into the bathroom and turn the news on. So still in denial- I thought to myself I've seen way windier days than this and nothing happened. Shortly after the electricity went out and then I couldn't get the cable up and working when it finally came back on. So I guess I thought ignorance was bliss. I just kept carrying on checking blogs and playing with Sofie- the usual daily activities when suddenly there was a HUGE gust of wind the rain started pounding and then it sounded like someone was trying to break into our house. So I did the worst thing you could do in a situation like this I ran to the window to see what was going on. That's when I saw these bouncy ball size hail dropping from the sky. STILL I went back to carrying on the usual. It wasn't until some other friends and some people from my ward called to see if we were okay that I realized how serious things really were. So basically there was a tornado that touched down a block from my house. 6 houses were ruined and I guess they had a red cross station set up and a police blocked and everything. I guess things don't really go like Wizard of Oz portrays them :)

Yeah she's potty trained!

Well it's finally happened Sofie is potty trained. We did one of those sticker charts telling her she can have this princess kitchen (we got a steal on during the black Friday frenzie) when she had filled up the chart and this week her work payed off. The thing is it came in a little box but I thought it was just because it wasn't put together yet- oh no it's like a kitchen for ants :) but she doesn't seem to mind she has already cooked up a storm for her princess barbies.

Alien's vs Monsters- you be the judge which one is which.

I think Aliens are taking over.

Snow doesn't happen much here so when it does you have to take advantage of it. (This was before the birds- or neighbor kids ate the eye's and nose)