Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

For Spencer's Spring break we went to Colorado to see his brother who just got back from 15 months in Iraq. Some other of his siblings came for the weekend. We had so much fun and the weather was so nice. I could so be happy living in a place like this. Here are some fun pictures of the trip. Thanks Brandon and Tina for such a fun time!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just life

So if there is anyone out there that still checks my blog frequently I have to apologize for not posting for a while (you were probably wondering if we actually did get swept away in the tornado.) Actually we have just been living life as we know it. But there have been a few things that Sofie has said that I wanted to record and for those family/ friends that live so far away. First funny little thing was the other day when I was getting dressed I was in the closet and I heard Sofie in my room saying "Mom can I be like you, Mom can I be like you. . . " next thing I know she comes around the corner with a bra in her hand. I was cracking up but she seriously wanted to wear it so I put it on. She did this funny look on her face and then said "Mom I don't want to be like you." (I was saying in my head you really don't want to be like me- I am way too small :)So we took it off but it just cracked me up.

Next thing was the other day I was washing the car and I had just sprayed the top off when I heard in this tiny little voice, "Hey that's not vewy nice." When I peeked around the car I saw Sofie drenched- I guess I soaked her when I was rinsing off the car.
Then today I let her have a fruit snack (a rare occurrence at our house) after I gave it to her she started walking away I heard her say to herself "This wonderful. These fruit snacks are wonderful." Sometimes I just wonder where she learns all this stuff.

I know valentines is WAY over but I thought I post a few pictures from it. We actually celebrated for 2 nights. First we went out just the two of us. Then the next night we had a little valentine party with some friends- kind of a weird concept for the holiday but it actually turned out really fun.

There was TONS of delicious food but I couldn't help but think these were the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen- My friend Jess made them and they were as good as they looked!!!

So I was thinking of a blog post as I was making these time consuming little things and am barley getting around to doing it. But for the last couple of years I have made sugar cookies on valentines day and taken some to work. This year I decided for some crazy reason to double the recipe. Yeah so 135 cookies later I am on the verge of slitting my wrist thinking okay as if it wasn't enough work to roll out the dough over and over and OVER until every little scrap piece was used now I get to frost them all. Well I am just leaving myself a little note to remind myself to NOT DOUBLE THE BATCH next time. I just love sugar cookies but every time I make them I question if they are really worth the work- then 15 cookies down the road I seem to have forgotten all the hours it took to make them and all the hours of exercise it is going to take to get them off. They are just delicious little things.
Side not: Most everyone at work is dieting and so I was really peeved when hardly ANY of them got eaten.