Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Blue Eyed "Babes'"

So I was checking my sister Lisa's blog (she had a baby 5 days before I had Luke) when the guilt over came me, I ran to the closet pulled out the trusty old black sheet- didn't even change his clothes (as you can tell by the drool running down the front) and did a homemade 6 month photo shoot for Luke.

Of coarse as you can tell by this photo it's become quite difficult to get pictures of Luke without Sofie trying to hop in every time I am about to shoot, and it always seems those are the best pictures of Luke- So be it- I never said I was a professional.
I'm just a mother on a mission and a small budget so I fudge it :)- I really need to get out more.

Okay I SWEAR I did not enhance these blue eyes on photoshop they are just so blue!!!

We had to take a bottle break- the life of a celebrity- so exhausting. But I had to show everyone how Luke is making my life easier by holding his own bottle- I tortured both of us trying to make the breastfeeding work but now when I see this, all those bad memories fade and a smile comes to my face.

This picture cracks me up with Luke's facial expression and Sofie's pose

Oh so precious

Luke of coarse couldn't have all the attention so here is Miss Sofie and you might notice that she got a new summer hair cut. I don't know what happened to the lighting in this one. It looks like it got left on the dash of the car for a couple of months.

Here are some of the last shots of those beautiful goldie locks. I am sure I am just totally prejudice but is she not the prettiest little girl ever- and those dimples-

I had to get the whole outfit in there to show Grandma Jaylene what good taste she has in clothes.

And now a little Easter catch up.

Do you think she was excited to see the Easter Bunny?

Our timid little egg hunter. She was funny to watch because she would start to go for an egg even have her hand on it and if anyone so much as looked at it she would suddenly retaliate. It is the same reason why we are struggling with soccer she doesn't want to take the ball from anyone.

Notice the hairdo. I think most people know that Sofie's hair each day is done by special request, such as "In a poof like Tinkerbell" or "half up half down like Belle" etc. Well thanks to the new movie "How to Train Your Dragon" this is the Astrid hair do.

So there pretty much isn't a day that goes by where people tell me that Sofie and Luke are like clones and then after that it's either "they look just like Spencer" or "They must look like your husband". So last night they were all playing on the floor and I got a good look- What do you think?

So since this is my 6mo. post for Luke I thought I would do an update of his progress. I have yet to take him to the Dr. but despite his birth weight issue he seems to have slid down the scale in the percentiles. I now it's probably too soon to tell for sure but it looks like he is going to have Spencer's body with the longer torso, broad shoulders and shorter- but powerful :)- legs. He is sitting up, and wanting to crawl so bad. This is a little snip it of him trying to move- but not moving. I could watch him all day and he hardly moves but as soon as I leave the room and come back in he is like clear on the other side of the room. I have no idea how he does it. He does roll over so that must be how he does it. But I have a feeling he is going to be crawling and into everything sooner than later.