Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas, Birthday and New Years

We had a crazy busy Christmas we visited 3 states in 6 days!
Our first night on the road for Christmas Shane and Sidni's house. The look on Sofie's face says it all about how excited for the holiday's she was!
Next night was actually a night out with the adults. We backpacked into a yurt in Idaho. This is a picture of my super cute/ tough sister-in-law, Steph, who is 8 months pregnant and backpacking. She just fits right into the crazy Johnson family!
Here is the backpacking clan. Spencer and 5 of his siblings and spouses.
This is a yurt. A large canvas tent with bunk beds and a fire place.
Who is this Mickey mouse?
Our brother-in-law just got back from deployment in Afghanastan brought this sweet pistol for us to target practice. Notice Spencer has the gun sideways- that's kill shot right there!
Our humble abode at night.
A little shot of the inside.
Christmas Eve and the Johnson's. It's tradition to do a Mexican dinner and piñata. The piñata this year was as big as Sofie!
Mexi staches!
ohh lala
the re-enactment
A final visit fro the "Old Man" before the midnight deliveries
Luke making sure to not look at Santa
Then we hoped in the car and drove to the Swendsen's in Utah, arriving late Christmas Eve. Here we are sporting our new PJ's.
The stockings after Santa filled them up.
Sofie so excited to see a little Jasmine head poking out of her stocking.
The beginning of a a wonderful day!
The thing she asked for Aladding DVD. Straight from Santa's work shop. Hence the different cover :)
Now this is hard to get on camera. Luke excited!
I can't tell if this is a look of excitement or a pirate face- arghhh matey.
We had to get them something to cart all their Christmas loot around in.
Sofie got to shop for us at school without us knowing what she was getting and she just got us the perfect gifts. It was so fun to see her so excited to surprise us. Here is Spencer with his football screw driver.
And she got me a little heart necklace. cute!
Loving these awesome road biking glasses Spencer purchased for me!
And of coarse we had to have an ugly sweater party! Loving my brother-in-laws beard he grew out and then shaved just for the event!
Aghh the picture perfect family. haha. My dad said this was the first time he had ever seen me comb Luke's hair. I think that might have been a subtle hint.
Well then it was off to Wyoming were Spencer worked for two days and while there he had a birthday! It was pretty uneventful and I didn't get any pictures but I did have a cute movie of Sofie wishing him a happy Birthday I tacked on at the end of the post. But I tried to make up for the lame birthday by inviting a few friends to go skiing when we got back so here are a few last pictures of our year in 2011.
Me and the girls, Sarah, and Megan.
Then New Years Eve was a blast!
Good bye 2011

This is a funny video of Sofie working out at the Hampton Inn while Spencer was working in Wyoming. She is also wishing him a happy birthday.

Pre Christmas happenings

This would be Sofie and her cousin Kelsi after they raided Grandma Nancy's dress ups. Funny little kids!
We did a speed walk through Salt Lake Temple Square since it was FREEZING cold outside!
Grandma and Grandpa Swendsen
It was freezing but so pretty!
Oh, another shot of Sofie being silly.
Well believe it or not Spencer shot some ducks!
"I'm too sexy for these waders...."
One of the many Santa visits
These two rangers were just a couple of the many people in the parade of lights in this here town of Grand Junction.


We were so excited to have a bunch of Spencer's family come to town for Thanksgiving! Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, Brandon and Tina's family, Shane and Sidni, Jordan and Kelsi! Fun, fun!
This was the little rascal's table.
The adult table decor.
Ok the pictures are kind of in random order but this was at midnight on Thanksgiving AKA black Friday. This was the line for target! The doors to target would be just under the light in the right upper corner! CRAZY! But I still got everything I went in for but I did have to wait in line to checkout for 2 hours!!!! Totally worth it saved like $500, and didn't even spend $500!
Spencer finally talked me into getting a road bike and while his family was here we took it for a spin with Spencer and his little sister Kelsi. They both kicked my butt but it was fun!

Group shot.
another random shot of my mischievous 2 year old!

More table decor

we will "leaf" you with this cute little cousin shot.