Monday, February 18, 2008

Then and now

So for valentines day we went to the "Tooth ball". A dance put on by the dental school. We went to this dance our first year here, so I thought it would be fun to do like a then and now picture because I wore the same dress. (So my hair was a little crazy the second go around)

First Year

This Year

I finally remembered to take the camera to Sofie's sporties for shorties she really had fun hitting the Tee ball. She is wearing the cutest valentine dress from Spencer's mom.

It was a pretty fun valentines day. Sofie got a sucker from her teachers at her sporties for shorties class so she was in heaven- she's never really had a sucker before. I made heart french toast they turned out pretty cute so I took a picture.

I've been playing church ball on Saturday's Spencer got this sweet shot of me passing the ball I thought it was good for a laugh.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Winter Blues- (warning- this is a long one)

The winter blues have taken root here in Columbus. You might have noticed that we haven't posted for a while. I wish I could say it's because we have been off on some exciting adventure but it's actually becuase we've been stricken with illness throughout the month. Also our computer cord has been on the fritz and it finally went out on us. After the third, really nasty bug hit Sofie last night I have decided to quarantine her for the weekend (we are not going or doing anything until monday- not even church- too many other kids). So this gives me a great chance to get everyone caught up on our lives. Seriously in the three and 1/2 years we have lived here I have never called in sick to work- not even when I was pregnant- and this month I had to call in twice and not just because of Sofie but I've gotten it too. I don't think it's helped that we have been cooped up inside due to the nasty low temperatures here. So in order to beat the blues we have done a couple things. Trying to get us out of the house has been our first task. First I signed Sofie up for a fun sporties for shorties class. It's actually great entertainment. Imagine a bunch of 1 and 2 year olds in a gym where two teachers are attempting to teach a sport. It's more like mass chaos and mothers chasing their kids around. But sofie loves it and I love that she has other kids to interact with. Of coarse her favorite thing is at the end when they bring out gymnastic mats and the kids can roll around on them. There is this big round mat with balls in the middle. She will climb the at and then dives head first into the ball pit. Of coarse the first time she did it the teacher was watching and thought she was going to standup and start crying instead she stood up with a huge smile on her face crawled out and did it all over again. Finally the teacher said, "nothing phases her does it." I thought, "this is nothing compared to the tricks her and her dad do." (Pictures yet to come). Another thing we did was go on a family outting to COSI- a place with a huge kids play area. Our trip there might of helped Sofie with her future career- she toyed with the idea of being a cook, a sailor, and a vetinarian(of coarse she found the stuffed cat and people around us probably thought we were murdering her when we tried to take it away.)

Along with trying to get out of the house more we are all trying to be a little more healthy. We make green juice (our daily servings of fuits and veggies turned into a juice) and then we all try to excercise more. So Sofie has been really intrigued watching Spencer each night do push-ups, he will even put her on his back sometimes and give her a ride while doing them. Anyways the other day I was getting ready to exercise myself when I heard Sofie making a grunting noise, when I looked at her she was attemping to do push-ups with Spencer's push up bars and she was immitating the noise he makes- it was so stinkin funny.
Since we have been cooped up it was like a heaven sent when one day we recieved this gigantic box of toys and books from my sister Kathi. I put all the toys behind the couch in these two bins and then next day Sofie spent like most of the morning behind the couch in the bin- thanks Kathi.