Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big news from a Big Girl

Well we finally did it. We got a "big girl" bed for Sofie. I was wondering how it was going to go since she could climb in and out of her crib I wasn't thinking it was going to be that big of a deal. It actually has gone better than expected I think mostly because we got princess bedding she just can't wait to go to bed- it's great. But we aren't saying good bye to the crib for too long because we have to get it back out for baby #2 that is due in October- Yep that's right we are having baby number 2!!! I am 13 weeks prego and hate to say it but it has been a REALLY long 13 weeks. Is it amnesia or was my pregnancy with Sofie totally different I can't really remember. Anyways here's what he/she looks like- I'm guessing they look more like Spencer at this point :) . . . . .

and the a little Easter catch up. . . .

There was a killer Easter egg hunt at the UCO stadium. There were so many eggs the baskets were over flowing with still tons of eggs on the ground. I saw some kids just eating the candy and putting the empty eggs back because they were out of room in their baskets. You can tell by the look on Sofie's friend Winnie's face just how much fun it really was!!

They also had free inflatables for the kids to play on with free animal balloons (would you be surprised to hear that Sofie wanted a blue kitty :) and then free face painting- once again she asked for a kitty face.

Our pooped little kitty- partied till she dropped

This is Sofie with her really cute Easter dress- thanks Grandma Jaylene- it was the cutest dress on her!!! Then of coarse her with bolt from her Easter basket- She talked about the Easter bunny bringing her bolt for a month before I am glad her didn't let her down :)

Well I guess it's that time of year again. Spencer decided to do this crazy fast bike ride 10 minutes before we went to bed the night before. I was just so nervous of him crashing since his last bike race he did ended up in a bad wreck leaving his bike in shambles, a concussion and road rash up and down his left side. Luckily he made out okay on this one even though there were 2 or 3 wrecks that he was able to avoid. He finished in the top 10- pretty good considering he decided the night before to do it and hasn't been seriously training.

You might have to zoom in on this picture to see it but this is the head pack coming in one of the rounds and Spencer is the guy in second with a blue and yellow Jersey.

Just a family picture of us at the zoo. We rented a swan paddle boat- it was such a nice day.