Sunday, June 7, 2009


First order of business I know people are waiting to here. . . . It's a boy!! Yep I was pretty sure after Sofie I was going to be the mom of all girls but I guess Spencer gets his wish after all.

Second, we have a plethora of weddings and graduations this summer so we are having to divide and conquer. We are still in Oregon and Dad is home hard at work but I don't want him missing out on the fun so here are some of the fun things we have done.
Here's the main even my little brothers graduation

Of coarse it's Swendsen tradition to cram as many showers, birthday parties, weddings, graduation etc. into a limited time frame when we all get together. So here is my little sis Lisa and I after our combined baby shower. We are due 1 day apart both having boys- how fun is that.

We also did a quick trip to the beach- cold but beautiful

That yellow thing by Sofie's head is a rock covered in Sea lions. We went to the Sea Lion caves while at the beach and Sofie can make quite the seal bark now.

One more of Grandam and Sofie at the beach