Saturday, October 24, 2009

Luke Spencer Johnson

He's here. Luke Spencer Johnson came the evening before I was supposed to be induced. He was a whopping 8 lbs 10 oz, 20 1/2 inches. I think it's all in his cheeks. Spencer asked why his eyes are slanted down and I said because his cheeks pull them down. I was all prepared for this petite little thing after having Sofie 6 1/2 lbs. Anyways we are all doing great even Sofie isn't minding him too much- of coarse it helps that Grandma is here spoiling her. Anyways enjoy the picts.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Our craziness we call life

Spencer has decided to give Triathlons a tri :) and did two triathlons back to back. The first one he ever did was a really big race where people from all over the US flew in for the Redman. He ended up getting 6th in his age group- this race just warmed him up for the next weekend where he got 2nd over all by 10 seconds. I know I've said it before but I really think he's somewhat of a mutant.

Our little lady turned 3. She insisted on a Tinkerbell party but since we invited almost as many boys as girls we turned it into a Tinkerbell/ Peter Pan party. Kids decorated wands for the girls and pirate bandanna for the boys and were dressed accordingly. They then got tattoos at the Indian encampment, walked the plank and found the lost treasure in the mermaid lagoon. Sofie has SOOOOO many nice friends out here. I just think she is the luckiest little 3 yr old. She got a bike from mom and dad. It was so cute Spencer said he felt really proud buying her bike. He said it's like a huge step in Sofie's life getting a bike (I hope she doesn't let him down :)

Okay I just have to put a little exert in our "family journal" about the amazing friends and people out here in Oklahoma, just to look back at when I'm having one of those bad days. I wasn't expecting any showers when we got pregnant and have ended up with 4 this pregnancy. The first one being with my fam when I went home this summer. This collage doesn't do justice to how many people, how much fun and how cute they were but I just am in awe what people have done for me and my little boy. I seriously feel like a million bucks to have to so many great people in my life. Thanks so much everyone!!! I think the nicest people live in Oklahoma and I met some dang nice people in Idaho and Ohio. Spencer is gone this week and everyone is so worried about me having this baby with him gone. I can't believe the offers people have given to help if something happens while he is gone. Even Dr's at work are telling me to call their house (as if it's anything I want anyone at work to see me go through :) but I just feel like the lord really knows me and has blessed me with the right people along the way when we are so far from family!!!!

Speaking of dang nice people in Ohio- one of my best friends Michelle drove 5 hours each way to just come and hang out with me while Spencer was gone for 2 weeks. I seriously would have lost my mind if she didn't come. Thanks Michelle you are just a great friend!