Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finally Snow!!!

It finally snowed here. Of coarse driving to work was a nightmare (no one here know how to drive in snow), but playing in it with Sofie was pretty fun. She had a lot of fun going sledding all by herself. (we got it on video I will try to post the video if I can figure it out.) We are really getting excited for a break and Christmas. Spencer has to take the part II boards this week so Sofie and I have been on a Spencer famine for the last couple of weeks. So the break will be extra nice with no school, work or worries :)

So I had a little bit of fun with Sofie's hair the other day. I tried to round brush it into a bob shape with a cute head band but her hair isn't really thick so it looked pretty funny and don't be fooled-the picture of her looking like I am hurting her is all an act- she's pretty dramatic and good at it!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Match day could not have come SOONER!!

So we got the big news and we are going to Oklahoma- we are going to be Sooners. From OSU to OU. It is a 30 month program so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 3 more years and we will finally be done with school!!! We are really excited that we are going to Oklahoma. We already have a couple of really good friends there and though it isn't really the West it is closer than Ohio. The other good news this week is that Ohio State is going to the National championship, so maybe our last year here we will be national champions :) Sofie is just cracking us up. I can't believe her learning curve. If only we could learn so much info in such a short time we would all be Guinness's. I wonder what happened- why we aren't like that when we get older. Well I am really loving the Christmas spirit here in our home. Spencer put up the usual patriotic red, white and blue Christmas lights outside. Sofie and I listen to Christmas music 24- 7. I just love Christmas music- it's the only time of year you can turn on the radio and the music is about Christ, joy, excitement, encouraging us to be good etc. I mean usually it's totally the opposite. I know that Christmas has become pretty commercialized but over all I think that there is still excitement, the spirit of giving and good cheer in the air a time when families get together and make memories. I think over all it makes for a great Birthday:) Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers to get into ortho we know there were a lot of people who helped us get in so thanks.