Monday, July 6, 2009

The wedding and the cabin

2 out of 3 weddings complete. The whole family actually got to go to Spencer's brother, Jason's wedding (except Jordan who is on a mission in Ukraine). They are just such a great couple so excited we are getting more estrogen in the family. They drove off on a motorcycle it was so cute.

Sofie with her cute aunt Kelsi

We then went on up to Island Park for the week and had a blast on the lake and the land. It was so nice getting some time in the beautiful mountains.

Love this cute little girl

We were so lucky to get to play with all of our cousins on both sides. Sofie couldn't get enough of her cousins every time she was separated from any of her cousins she was constantly asking "Mom where are my cousins'?" I just love spending time with both families- I feel so blessed!!

Oh and we went to a good ole rodeo where all the kids went down and had to chase a cow and get the ribbon. Sofie didn't get the ribbon but she was one of the fastest one's to reach the cow. I was so surprised she wasn't scared.