Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Silly Sofie

So Sofie has picked up a few not so funny habits. First when ever she is lucky enough to get fruit snacks or a gummie vitamin she eats all but one really fast and then she holds the last one in her hand for hours. The other morning when she woke there was a pink gummie thing smeared all over her P.J.'s (luckily it didn't get into her hair). At first I couldn't figure out who gave her a peice of gum then I realized that it was a nemo fruit snack that she had gotten from her friend like the evening before. I don't know how I never noticed it in her hand all night and even when I changed her clothes. I guess she is saving it just for the right moment.

The second thing she does, which is really annoying, is she has been pooping immediatley after I change her wet diapers. I will change a diaper and 5 min later she has pooped. Then she comes up to me and sayes I poooped and laughs like it is so funny.
On a more positive note Spencer finished his boards last weekend. We are soooo proud of him. Four years of really hard work is finally comming to an end. In like one month he can put DDS behind his name. That is just a good sense of accomplishment. Good Job Spencer.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sofie and her friends

So I have decided that this blog is kind of like a journal of our family and I even hear you can pay to have some online company print your blog off into a booklet. So I have decided that I want to add even the little things in life- That is where this post is comming from.
Anyways I had some really strong feelings about leaving Sofie's friends when we move. I don't know how much Sofie will remember about her first friends here in Ohio but I think they are some of the best friends a parent could find for their kids and for that reason I want Sofie to remember them. I can think of some really cute times when I heard giggles, witnessed them cutting a rug together, and watched them mimmick each other as they learn new things. There is Avery who is one of the toughest little girls ever but I sort of think of her as Sofie's protector. One time Sofie was crying and Avery came downstairs to get me and tell me that Sofie was sad. They get along sooo well. Sofie loves following Avery around doing whatever she does. I also like it that Sofie is starting out her life without prejudices and that she has a cute black friend.

Hannah is one of the oldest of the crew so Sofie really looks up to Hannah. Hannah has this really cute high pitch girly voice that I just love. Hannah and Sofie share the same love for princess things. Hannah has a princess pillow that Sofie drags around the house whenever Hannah comes over. Hannah is also very cute with Sofie. She is like a little mother to her.

Then there is Porter. Now it might seem odd that we have a dog in the mix but porter is LOVED by all the girls. He is such a good dog too becuase he takes everything they dish out. They all know him by name. There is actually a framed picture of porter at the Frandsen's house that Sofie is obssessed with, she is always carting it around their house. These are the friends that Sofie has spent most of her time with here in Ohio, but there are still some other really good friends like Owen, Zach, Brice, Alyssa, Hallie, and Addison so I am adding their pictures too (if I have them) so Sofie can know who her first friends were.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Funny picture

So last night we went to a appreciation dinner for something Spencer had done and they had people there drawing those funny character pictures. I thought it would be fun to put it on our blog and see if people thought that they really looked like us. So tell me what you think.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where's Sofie?

So sofie has entered into the imaginary world. We have this little foam block that she drags over to the window and then pulls the curtain around her. She then seems to think she is in her own world. She'll pull open the curtain every once and a while to get a book or say hello. I don't really know what she is doing behind the curtain but sometimes she is carrying on quite the conversation with herself. I just love this age, it is soooo fun.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baggie Taggie

I have been tagged by my good friend Kristi. I guess I am supposed to take a picture of my purse and all the contents in it and explain what they are. The rules are you are not to remove anything from your bag once you have been tagged. Luckily though I cleaned it out last week or this could have been a really long E-mail. So I got my purse while on our recent cruise it is one of those knock off hand bags where I talked that lady down from $60 to $30. I sure she bought it for like 5 dollars but I hadn't bought a purse since before I was married so it was really over due.

So I guess we are supposed to go through what is in our bag. So First I will start at the most important item that must always be restocked when gone- that is the rasins. As far as Sofie is concerned rasins are like fruit snacks and they can keep her quiet in the grocery cart for at least 5 minutes :). Then there are tissues- I wish I could say it's for all the chick flicks Spencer and I go to but we all know that story is just tooo good to believe. Then there are my glasses that I never were but should. (Watch out if you see our green Honda accord on the road). Then there is of coarse a diaper- with no wipes- I guess she is not allowed to go #2 while we are out and about. Then there is a grocery list- I'm suprised it is so short usually I try to wait until every single thing is gone from the house before I go to the grocery store. In case you haven't already noticed I have the driest lips in the midwest, but I was actually suprised it was in here because I have looked a million times for it and can never find it when I need it. Then there are a few reciepts and loose papers. Last but not least I have my work badge. You probably can't see the picture on it but if you could you might not believe it was me. It was taken 4 years ago and lately every patient and parent at work has been poking fun at it. I hope it was just a bad picture and I wasn't really that dorky looking. Well there you have it my baggie taggie. I think I am supposed to tag some people so first I going to start with my sisters Kathi and Anne. Then I will move onto my friend Jessica Johnson, Michelle Frandsen, Lori Luff, and Lexi Sautter. Don't dissapoint me guys.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Finally it is warming up and the sun is comming out. It's amazing how much more you enjoy life when you can go play outside. Spencer and I started our weekend family bike rides again this weekend it was so nice to be outside as a family.

Spencer has finished all of his clinic requirements- Yeah! His last patient ended up in the hospital the day before her appointment so he was a little stressed wondering if he was going to have to get a new patient and start all over. But luckily it all worked out. I am so proud of Spencer for his hard work in school and still finding time to be a great husband and father.

If you couldn't tell I have found a new hobby. Digital scrapbooking. It is soo fun and so far it's free. I am obviously an ameture but it gives me something fun to do. I just can't believe Spencer graduates in like 8 weeks. I think it starting to become reality that we only have abt. 8 weeks left here in Ohio. It seems like I have been wishing the time away we were in dental school and here it is and I am actually sad to leave alot of things here: Our great friends that have been a family away from home, the great friends I met at work and all the learning experiances from work.

Sofie's new favorite phrase is "Oh no", she is at such a fun stage she repeats every action and work (so we have to watch our selves :)). She has suddenly become a little priss. She hates having dirty hands. If she gets any little morsel of food on her hand she say "oh no" and waves it around until we clean it off. She will only eat if she can feed herself which is a long process since she doesn't like getting her hands dirty. We had her 18 mo appointment and the Dr. was really glad because she was actually back on the chart for her weight. She was in the 8th pecentile. Yeah!

Well that's our current lives in a nut shell. Thanks everyone for all your fun comments.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

In the works

Thanks to my wonderful friend Mel, I am learning how to use photoshop so if you check this blog frequently be aware that it is going to be change alot while I get it just right.