Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Extreme weather changes

Four Days ago in Edmond, OK 78 degrees (we were the only one's at the park in a jacket) . . .

. . . . Today in Edmond, OK, below freezing.

I felt like a kid today- both Spencer and I woke up having work and school cancelled because of a crazy Ice storm. It wasn't as crazy as everyone hyped it up to be but Spencer was driving home from school yesterday and said his car kept trying to slide down into the gutter while he was driving. The roads were just sheer ice.

It's hard to tell by this picture but this chain had like 1/2 of ice on it everything is like caked in ice.

I thought this was hilarious, people sledding basically on the grass but I think because it was iced over. They actually were cruising down the hill.

This is a cute little dress up game my sister gave Sofie for Christmas that we have been playing non-stop.

Spencer even plays it- we just have to tackle him and put him in submission. I tried to get a picture of him all dressed up but wasn't fast enough getting the camera.

Queen Stephanie and Princess Sofie. Notice how Sofie is always wearing her Cinderella dress. It's been a bit annoying until the other day she was sweeping the floor and told me she was cleaning the floor because she is Cinderella. (Suddenly I wondered why I hadn't tapped into this pipeline before- turning it to my advantage.)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas 2008

We went home for 3 weeks for Christmas. The longest we have ever gone and we sure had a great time.

It was so fun being back in the mountains. It is something I always took for granted growing up and now I just love it when we get a chance to get out.

Sofie was of coarse spoiled rotten by all her grandma's and aunts and uncles. She was still a little scared of Santa this year but she sure had her list of thing she wanted from Santa.

Here is a cute picture of Sofie and her Cousin Boston in their buckeye apparel.

Sofie's first attempt at skiing with Grandma Nancy. She was really concentrating it was pretty fun to watch her try to figure it out.

We took a really fun snowshoeing- a little Johnson tradition- to a yurt in Idaho. Of coarse I have to say thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Johnson who sacrificed going on the fun trip to watch our little tots.

Sofie actually got to see all of her cousin's on both sides. I just love it when the cousin's get together. I got to see all but 2 of my sisters and we got to see all but 2 of Spencer's brothers.

Spencer turned the big 30 while we were home. His mom got him this hat because he got a 46" plasma for the big event.
I got to see my grandparents this visit which was a real treat since I hardly ever get to see them. This is a 4 generation picture.
So my last thing is a shout our for these little figurines. So Sofie's friend Emma had these little figurines and Sofie just loved playing with them whenever she went over to play. So that is what she got for Christmas and I am not kidding when I say these have been the best purchase in regards to toys yet. I would see these at the Disney store and think "how boring" but we traveled 30+ hours in the car alone this trip and these dolls saved our lives.