Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm sure when you see the pictures I don't need to explain why I named this post paradise but besides the beautiful beaches and tropical rainforests this was paradise because I got to spend a week with my best friend- Spencer, uninterrupted from school schedules, naptimes, work, meal times etc.

So for a graduation present to ourselves we took a 7 night cruise in the Southern Carribean with a couple really fun friends. It was a week of snorkeling at the georgeous white sand beaches, hiking tropical rainforrests, swimming in pools beneath the waterfalls, no meal preperation, no cleaning up, just plain fun and relaxation.

I just realized that for as much time we spent on the beach snorkeling we are short on beach/ snorkeling pictures. Our friends have some pictures we are going to swap with so more beautiful beach pictures yet to come.

There was a day we risked our lives (mostly I risked my life because of Spencer's crazy need for speed) we rented scooters and drove around some really steep crazy roads at the edge of a beautiful rain forrest and our trip ended at a beautiful secluded black sand beach. It was one of those beaches you dream of where there are straw huts and beautiful palm trees around. One of the pictures below is us spelling out O-H-I-O there is a time during the Ohio State Football games where they show students in different parts of the world spelling O-H-I-O so we are going to submit this picture to see if we can have a few seconds of fame.

You might not believe this but Spencer really got the party going one night during Kareoke when he sang- Don't you need somebody to love- Jim Carey Style. People were really rocking out and he actually sounded really good.

Of coarse none of this couldn't have happened if my family didn't help out with Sofie. Sofie had the time of her life with Grandma, Grandpa and aunts and uncles while we were off in paradise. Sofie had so much fun at Grandma's I don't think she even missed us. My mom is a dental hygentist and so I took Sofie to visit her at work and she had her first experiance in a dental chair and got a really fun princess toothbrush. So far no tears at the dentist. We also visited Grandpa and Emily at work- they work together. Then Sofie was a little apprehensive when her and grandma went to feed the ducks. Those ducks are really kind of scary when they get so close. But she liked them from a distance. She just really had fun playing with everyone, having easter egg hunts, watching movies to her hearts content and then of coarse there was the cat dusty and the dog patches that are probably really glad that Sofie is gone. Thanks family for all your help with Sofie.