Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The next couple weeks

Here is our precious Rubi at a week old. I took her to get these cute newborn photos cause they grow so fast in just a couple weeks!

This is a "Sho, No you di' int'" face. hahah cracks me up!

Can't get enough of this giant but adorable head band!

Rubi is the outfit we brought Sofie home in.

You are getting very sleepy

Tummy time wore her out!

Such a little cuddle bug!

Auntie Sid cuddling with Rubi.

You woke me up for this!

First night at home. Sofie made sure she slept with the "blanket" Sofie made her.

First bath... not loving it!

Have my right hand gal to help.

Love these cute hooded towels!

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