Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eric coming home, cousin time, and of coarse more Rubi!

Three weeks after Rubi arrived in our little family Uncle Eric came home from his 2 year mission in Peru. As you can tell Luke is a little nervous seeing uncle Eric again.

With Eric coming home almost the whole family (except Lisa's hubby Nick who was in Afganistan) were able to get together. Yep all 10 kids here!!!! AMAZNIG!

Three little girl cousins all born within 7 months of each other. 

Here they are again with the 3 new moms.

While the whole fam was in town we stretched our legs and almost every family had participants in the local "Running scared" race! 

All the "Swendsen" participants!

We had high hoped that the kids could run 3 miles but after a slow start Spencer threw them all in the Chariot and pushed all 6 cousins almost the whole way..... Good thing he loves a good workout!

The look of guilt..... ummmhmmm, I know you got pushed the whole way!

The Johnson family represents!

The finishers with their medals!

Bet you didn't know that Leonardo actually had blonde hair!

Since it was a small race we got to sweep the medals. (Even though the kids category was a bit unfair since they got pushed!!!) Sofie was lucky enough to be in the front of the chariot when Spencer pushed her across, cause she got third place! I think her cousins won't be letting her ride in the front next time! They weren't too happy about that!

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