Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Luke

What a fun 3rd birthday! We even got to share it with Luke's cousin Noah who was born 4 days before him!
Tug-A-war! The giant rope was a gift from Shane and Sid!

This party was a "HIT"!

All the Swendsen Cousin's (Minus Rubi) All our little hero's with a super awesome cape made by Lisa!

Happy Birthday Luke and Noah!

Auntie Sid and Uncle Shane loving on little Rubi!

Luke's first lawn mower! Time to earn his keep around here :/!

Leonardo with his sword! He is ready to fight!

Grandma gave Luke a hand held vacuum! besides loving his Ninja Turtle costume Luke LOVES to vacuum. There isn't a day that goes by that Luke doesn't drag out the vacuum! In fact he loves to vacuum so much when we were trying to figure out what kind of birthday party we should have, Sofie suggested a vacuum party. Luke was all for that idea.... I just wasn't sure how many people would really show up for a vacuum party!

Luke's first real weapon.... a sling shot. Thanks Shane I am sure this might be disappearing for a few years!

And last but not least a few birthday bucks from Aunt Susie. Looks like you just robbed a bank Luke, with that mask and all the dough!

I do want to add how Luke wore this Ninja turtle outfit for weeks before Halloween and weeks after. I couldn't get him to wear anything else! We would be at the store and I would get funny looks, totally forgetting that he was "dressed up"! Also this single outfit is how I got Luke potty trained. After many failed attempts with timers and rewards, I finally told him he couldn't wear this outfit unless he used the toilet. And voila instantly potty trained!
I love this little boy to pieces! Life just wouldn't be the same without this little boy bringing a constant smile to my face! I love you Lukie!!!!

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