Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rubi 10/3/2012

10/3/2012 SHE is finally here! Rubi Gwen Johnson was our little surprise. I always wanted to do a surprise where we don't find out the sex of the baby. When she came out the doctor was holding her like a can of soda and I could only see the back side of her but she had so much hair and her body was so petite I knew it had to be a girl. I was just sooo excited! She was 7 lbs even and 19 inches long. 

So with Luke it was a trip to the doctor the day before I had him that put me into labor, and I was hoping for the same sort of thing with Rubi. And it worked out just perfectly. I had been scheduled to be induced on a Friday and since my Dr. didn't work on Thursday's I came in on Wednesday to get all checked out. At first I felt totally fine and was thinking it wasn't going to happen that day and then as the day progressed I could feel it coming on. So around 4:00pm Spencer took me cringing to the hospital and little Rubi was born about 7:30pm. The night of the 2012 Presidential debate. Obama vs. Romney.

So when I had Luke Sofie wasn't able to come visit us at all in the hospital... (which had some long term effects) so we were so happy that we could all be together after little Rubi was born!!
It was fun to finally be close to family when we had a baby. We got visitors just right after. Here is aunt Shelley cuddling the little bug.

The night nurses couldn't resist putting a bow in all that thick brown hair.

Day one and already loving the pacifier.

I hate these hospital pacifiers that are almost as big as their face!!!

Unlike when I had little Luke, Sofie can not get enough of her new little sister. She even made her a little fleece blanket with stickers all over it!!!

Even Luke doesn't mind having a little sister. 

Another little girl to have Dad wrapped around her little finger!!

Sofie and I had picked the cutest little baby outfit including this hair bow just crossing our fingers hoping we got to use it. So of coarse as soon as Sofie arrived at the hospital we had to try the hair bow out. I don't think Rubi was excited as we were....she will learn, she will learn :)

Love this picture!

The gene pool :)

Cuddle time with Grandma.

Sofie finally gets to dress her and put her cute new outfit on her!

Sofie feeding Rubi her first bottle.
As you can tell Luke could care less about dressing her! ha

Now this is more like it. Heck with a new baby I can lay in bed and watch TV!

All loaded up and ready to go!

Cute as a bug in a rug!

Once again finding more excitement in the hospital room and equipment than his new little sister. 

He was pushing this thing all over the room.... and running into everything. Hopefully he isn't wanting to push the stroller anytime soon!

Filling her up before we hit the road! And so it begins.......

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